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HWK Ski Wax is based in Ebbs, Austria and makes the best glide wax available for alpine, Nordic, and snowboard competition.  This premium wax line is imported into the US and Canada by HWK Ski Wax Vail LLC.

HWK Ski Wax produces the best World Cup wax for every need and snow condition. HWK makes premium waxes for ski prep, training, and racing.  All HWK waxes are hand made in Austria.   Each type of wax is created in small batches using the finest ingredients.  HWK is proud to have the only waxing APP for iPhone and Android phones! (FREE)  The APP is a waxing calculator for determining the wax of the day.

Check out the HWK APP!  HWK SKI WAX waxing calculator. This APP is available for iPhones and Android phones.  Go to the respective stores, type in “HWK Ski Wax” and download for FREE!  This allows the individual to select the wax of the day for training, racing, or World Cup level competitions at his or her finger tips!


  • HWK Paraffin/Synthetic Waxes

    PARAFFIN/ SYNTHETIC Waxes: Polar Extreme Cold Powder: Synthetic powder for extreme cold/ dry snow, aggressive snow, new, and artificial snow,... View Full Product Details
  • HWK Low Fluor Base/Race Wax

    LOW FLUOR BASE/RACE Wax: (LF) All waxes come in 100gram ($38) or 180 gram ($70) bars except when listed.   LFW1 (F1): LF wax for moist,... View Full Product Details
  • HWK High Fluor Wax Race/Base Wax

    HIGH FLUOR WAX RACE/BASE WAX: (HF) All waxes come in 50 gram ($65) and 100 gram ($130) bars.  All HF Nero waxes -50 grams only ($65)   HFW1:... View Full Product Details
  • 2013-10-09-Fluor-Stick-Warm

    HWK Fluor Sticks

    FLUOR STICKS: Used for racing overlays/topcoats.  These fluor sticks are 100% pure fluorine and are mixed with additives for optimal speed for specific... View Full Product Details
  • 2013-10-09-FP-Warm

    HWK Fluor Powder

     FLUOR POWDER: (FP) HWK Fluor Powders are 100% pure fluorine and are designed for racing and competing at the highest level.  Each vial contains 30 grams.   FP... View Full Product Details
  • 2013-10-09-Liquo-Extreme

    HWK Liquid Wax

    LIQUID WAX:  The Liquo waxes contain pure fluorine and are designed as overlays/ topcoats.  Both contain 30 milliliters of wax and an applicator.  Both... View Full Product Details
  • FX1

    HWK Fluor Paste

    FLUOR PASTE: HWK Pastes contain fluorine and have 25g per container.  Great for the economical racer!   FX1: For wet snow, spring snow.... View Full Product Details
  • HWK Accessories

    ... View Full Product Details
  • HWK Doser

    ... View Full Product Details


HWK Waxing Instruction Guide from Kjell Ellefson on Vimeo.


You Tube videos: Waxing like a pro!  Download these you tube videos to learn and or refresh your waxing skills.

Alpine: Base waxes

Alpine: Liquid waxes

Alpine Paste Waxes

Alpine: Fluor Powder Waxes

Alpine: Fluor Stick (Pen) ROTO CORK

Alpine: Fluor Stick (Pen) and Liquid: Final race overlay preparation: HAND CORK

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