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Olympics: Race postponement fine with Vonn

WHISTLER, B.C. – Lindsey Vonn doesn’t mind a longer break for her bruised shin. Olympic organizers decided to cancel Saturday’s third downhill training run, forcing the postponement of the medal event originally slated to open women’s alpine competition Sunday. Times have not yet been set for the rescheduled training run or race.

“I think I’m lucking out pretty heavily because of all the cancellations,” Vonn said. “Normally I would be disappointed, but for my shin I think this is the best possible scenario. This gives me quite a bit more time to rest up and heal. Obviously, I’m looking forward to running the course, but at this point, as much rest as I can get on my leg will be great.”

“I inspected the course today and course workers are doing the best they can to get it up to shape, but it’s been rainy and it rained all day yesterday, and it’s definitely not in raceable condition,” Vonn said. “I think that cancelling the training run already tomorrow is a good move.”

Vonn said she tested her leg Thursday and was satisfied that she could have competed.

“I wanted to make sure that I could be able to ski safely down,” Vonn said. “If you’re skiing defensively, it’s always dangerous. I pushed myself hard yesterday, and I felt like I could’ve done the training run. Obviously with a lot of pain, but I could have done it.”

The break also means more rest for Stacey Cook, who crashed hard in Thursday’s shortened session.

Olympic gold medalist Julia Mancuso, Leanne Smith, Chelsea Marshall, Alice McKennis and Kaylin Richardson are all slated to start Sunday.

Vonn said she was disappointed to not walk with her teammates during Friday’s Opening Ceremony but needed to continue resting and recovering from her injured shin.

“I’m definitely going to be watching on my TV at home, probably while doing therapy,” she said. “For me, I’ve got to be thinking about my races and my leg and trying to make my shin feel as good as possible before the races. That unfortunately means I won’t be able to walk tonight, but I’m sure my teammates are going to have a great time and represent us well.”

Shauna Farnell

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