Winter Dew Tour: Wallisch, Logan take slopestyle gold

Competition at the second stop of the three-leg 2012 Winter Dew Tour wrapped today (Jan. 22) in Killington, Vermont as Tom Wallisch and Kaya Turski claimed gold medals in the slopestyle competitions.   

It seemed like the  men’s win was in the bag for Bobby Brown, after he scored a 93.00 in his first run. He stomped his landings and his score held on straight through until the last guy to drop in for his second run.

Tom Wallisch was coming off a win at last month’s Dew Tour in Breckenridge, where he came back in his second run to take the title. In true Wallisch style, he did it again here in Killington. Not only did he bump Brown into second, he did it by scoring the highest ever in Winter Dew Tour history with a 95.25-point score.

“I was just trying to convince myself that I’m a second-run skier,” Wallisch said. “So far every major contest win I’ve had has been second run. Even Euro X Games two season’s ago, we had three runs, but my brain just likes to do a good second run. So I was just trying to convince myself that was how it was going to go, get a good mindset, just picture myself at the bottom and just let my body do the work.”

His run started with a switch lip blind 2 on the top down rail, into a right foot forward front up blind 4 on the flat down, into a switch lip front 4 on the cannon rail. He hit the jumps with a left double cork 1260 mute to switch left double cork 1080 japan, to switch right double cork 1080 japan.

It had to be a letdown for Brown, who wasn’t able to increase his initial lead on his second run after falling on the last hit, but he didn’t let it show.

“I’m just stoked on how I did, obviously Tom just threw an amazing run and I’m stoked for him,” Brown said. “Now I’m just looking forward to X-Games next week.”

Seventeen-year-old Nick Goepper knocked Sammy Carlson off the podium into fourth after he finished his final run.

Wallisch is now in the overall lead heading in to next month’s finals in Snowbasin, where Brown will be fighting back as the defending Dew Cup champ.

It came down to the wire in the women’s contest as well, Devin Logan conquered the rail sections and jumps to nearly take the win until Kaya Turski fought back in her last run to win it with a 92.25-point run .

“I have my whole family and friends here with me just trying to keep me calm,” Turski said. “I tried not to think about the first run, tried to keep it together. It was a new run, so I was all in.”

Many among the field of six freeskier women struggled to put down clean runs, with the massive jumps offering no mercy. But the girls rose to the occasion and Logan’s score of 90.50 held on until Turski came through as the last girl to drop.

“I came a little short (on last jump) and I knew next run I had to just go in a little faster,” Turski said. “I went at it straight and tucked as much as I could and hoped for the best. The wind was a little tricky today, but I made it through.”

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Men’s Results
1 Tom Wallisch 95.25
2 Bobby Brown 93.00
3 Nick Goepper 91.25
4 Sammy Carlson 90.25
5 Henrik Harlaut 88.75
6 Andreas Håtveit 87.25
7 Russ Henshaw 85.50
8 Jf Houle 84.00
9 Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 83.50
10 Chris Logan 80.75
11 Alexis Godbout 80.50
12 Dane Tudor 72.00
13 Alex Bellemare 68.50
14 Philip Casabon 60.25

Women’s Results

1 Kaya Turski 92.25
2 Devin Logan 90.50
3 Emilia Wint 85.00
4 Eveline Bhend 80.00
5 Emma Dahlström 41.25
6 Dara Howell 36.50



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