Women ski jumpers may go to Supreme Court of Canada

A group of women ski jumpers may continue to seek further action in their case to jump in the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver. A regular court, followed by an appeals court, both rejected the legal action filed. Now, comes news that their attorney, Ross Clark,Q.C. a partner in the Vancouver-based firm of Davis LLP, has asked for permission to appeal the ruling of the lower courts. He hopes to take it all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“We believe our argument has been misunderstood and that a matter of national importance is at stake,” Clark said in a written statement. “This case isn’t just about women ski jumpers. It is about the interpretation and application of the Charter and whether VANOC, in carrying out an ascribed activity of government, can be forced by a foreign organization (IOC) to put a discriminatory decision in to effect in Canada.”

According to Deedee Corradini, president of Women’s Ski Jumping-USA, she is pleased the fight to include the women ski jumpers has not come to an end. “We will not give up until the women are competing in the Olympics,” she said. “They deserve to be there along with their male teammates. They’ve earned it through their incredible performances on the Continental Cup circuit and through meeting every standard,” the former mayor of Salt Lake City said.

By:   Peter Q. Graves



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