Saturday, November 28, 2020

Alpine Race Academy at Loveland Ski Club

Location: Loveland Ski Area, I-70 Exit 216, Georgetown, Colorado, 80444

Phone: (844) 832-6572


Founded: 1965

Grades: U10 through FIS

Category: Full Year Academy Race Program with Academic Partnership

Application Deadline: 10/1/2020

Day School Cost: $13,999 – $17,999

Financial Aid: No

Notable Coaches: Rob Burke, Pat Burke, Bill Green, Meghan Susslin

Notable Alumni: Jack Smith, Picabo Street (SVSEF), Megan Gerety, Christin Cooper, Reggie Crist, Zach Crist, Morgan Arritola, Johnny Hagenbuch, Sydney Palmer-Leger, Wyatt Bunce, Langley McNeal, Tanner Farrow, Kipling Weisel, Kaitlyn Farrington, Chase Josey, Jake Adicoff (SVSEF)

Academic Approach: Each Alpine Race Academy athlete is provided a number of educational options which support their broader development and success. Locally, we have Jefferson County / Evergreen Schools which have demonstrated a level of flexibility which allows our younger academy athletes to continue their education in a social environment. As our older academy athletes race schedules become more challenging, we’ve partnered with the Laurel Springs School in the interest of providing a challenging and robust curriculum with the flexibility need to allow our athletes to excel on hill and in the classroom. In the interest of ensuring absolute success for our athletes participating in online school partnership with Laurel Springs School, we’re proud to add an Education Liaison to our staff.

Athletic Approach: The Alpine Race Academy at Loveland Ski Club is an intensive, year round program that has been optimized to deliver the highest level of athletic and personal development outcomes for U12-FIS athletes. Our experienced staff comes from a broad range of backgrounds with extensive racing experience at the FIS and Collegiate levels. With a target of 5 athletes per coach, our staff is able to provide each athlete with a level of attention and focus that is unparalleled. Our deliberate practice approach to long term athlete development and our disciplined culture ensures that our staff works as one, resulting in the greatest of outcomes for each athlete. Each Alpine Race Academy training group is capped at two coaches and ten athletes so that we can ensure only the highest quality outcomes. Loveland Ski Club’s systems, processes, and technology are designed to allow each coach to optimize and maximize their time focused on the development of each athlete. Loveland Ski Club staff are on the bleeding edge of technology and are continually testing products which are designed to help each athlete get the most from their training, on-hill and off-hill. 

We make extensive use of video technology including follow-cam, instant on-hill video feedback, as well as video sharing platforms which facilitate post-practice video review by athletes and parents. Timed training runs are frequent, utilizing multiple splits and individual run printouts. Loveland Ski Club’s Alpine Race Academy, through our incredible partnership with Loveland Ski Area, is provided unlimited season long access to dedicated training and race venues which have become a benchmark for race surface prep in the state of Colorado. Thanks to Loveland Ski Area, we are provided daily communication specific to our grooming needs and the ski area delivers above and beyond on our behalf.Often first to open in early October and closing in mid-late June, our training venues have long been a destination for World-class athletes such as Mikaela Shiffrin, numerous national teams, top collegiate programs, national and international academy programs, and the best club teams from throughout the USA. These programs have repeatedly chosen Loveland as a result of the consistent and quality surface, convenient access, and private training environment. When it comes to ski tuning, each Academy athlete’s skis are tuned at a national team level on a daily basis by the Academy ski serviceman who performs all ski tuning including new ski preparation, regular maintenance, and race tuning. Our servicemen travel to all critical races with the staff and athletes, further ensuring the highest level of competition for our athletes.

Training Facilities:

Loveland Ski Club has updated its training and conditioning program with the hire of a new strength and conditioning coach. With this new hire comes access to a leading edge fitness facility which is based in the Denver area at a lower altitude which allows for more intense workouts under the keen eye of a talented coach. Our new coach focuses on refining movement and identifying areas of deficiency prior to adding weight and risking injury. As a result of this approach, our athletes are continually showing improvement both in movement and their ability to work in weighted environments. On-site at Loveland, we maintain a small workout room which provides athletes the ability to warm up, do maintenance workouts, and cool down effectively.

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