Thursday, October 22, 2020

Mount Snow Academy

Address: Mount Snow Academy 248 Route 100 West Dover, VT 05356

Phone: 802-464-7669


Founded: 1972

Head of School: Peter Stokloza [email protected] 

Sports: Alpine, Freeski, Snowboard

Grades: 6th thru PG

Category: Winter term only academy

Staff/Student Ratio: 1:1 student/teacher ratio; 5:1 student/coach ratio

Program Length: November to early April

Tuition Fees 2019/20:  Each option is available for resident or day students on a first come, first served basis.

  • FULL SESSION 11/4/19-3/26/20
    Day Student $28,000
    Boarding Student $36,000
  • WINTER SESSION 1/6/20-3/26/20
    Day Student $22,000
    Boarding Student $28,000
  • HALF SESSION A: 12/2/19-1/30/20 OR  B: 2/3/20-3/26/20
    Day Student $14,000
    Boarding Student $18,000
  • SAMPLE SESSION 4 WEEKS: 12/2/19-12/19/19, 1/6/20-1/30/20, 2/3/20-2/27/20, OR 3/2/20-3/26/20
    Day Student $8,700
    Boarding Student $12,000

Scholarships: Need-based financial aid is available. Applicants seeking financial assistance should request a financial aid application that is submitted to the School & Student Services for Financial Aid by NAIS (SSS) in Princeton, N.J. MSA’s scholarship committee allots available funds using SSS as a factor in determining the family’s contribution. Financial need is a strong determiner of financial aid, although the following criteria are taken into consideration: demonstrated excellence in academic, athletic, or extracurricular performance, grade level, and personal conduct.

Application Period: May 1, then rolling admissions. Admission to Mount Snow Academy is based on the applicant’s character and potential as a student, athlete and member of the community. Applicants are expected to be strong skiers and riders, although former competitive experience is not necessary. The strongest applicants are self-directed and motivated, both in the classroom and on the mountain. We encourage applicants to visit the school during the winter to experience a day as an MSA student.

Academic Overview: Mount Snow Academy is a full-time winter academy for ski and snowboard competitors in grades 6 to 12. Whether aspirations are Olympic or collegiate, MSA offers an environment in which passionate student athletes can work to achieve their personal best in each area of their lives. MSA staff, coaches and teachers work together to balance a focused academic life with a rigorous training and competition program. This strong presence of both on-snow and classroom instruction develops a solid sense of self among students. Academics Our student athletes benefit from an individualized academic program where they maintain their home school’s curriculum while training and competing throughout the winter. Known as “conversational education,” our one-on-one tutorial program not only maintains a rigorous academic program, but also cultivates intellectual curiosity and a stronger personal commitment to academic excellence. Our impressive teaching staff is well-equipped to support students in all aspects of middle and high school curricula; from Latin to AP Calculus, the oboe to engineering.

Athletic Approach:  Our alpine skiers benefit from an outstanding coaching staff and have the unique advantage of calling two mountains their training home. For three days a week, our students train at Mount Snow Ski Area. At Mount Snow, we are afforded a wide range of training venues and varied terrain. The Hermitage Club provides training on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays. Our partnership with The Hermitage Club allows exclusive access to its terrain and uncrowded trails and lifts.

Facilities: The Mount Snow Academy campus is home to our residential, academic and training facilities. Our residential students enjoy excellent meals, comfortable study spaces and large bedrooms with private bathrooms. Many coaches and teachers live with the students to create a warm and supportive community. Conveniently located in the center of West Dover, VT our students are within walking distance to restaurants, shops and the local movie theater.  Our campus is within two miles of our two mountain training venues.

Noteable Coaches: Mark “Speedy” Archer, John Tyler, Peter Benyik, Topper Van Backer, David Sklar, Brian Wyckoff, Dustin Shibley and multiple NCAA and USCSA skiers.

Notable Alumni Four-time Olympian, three-time medalist Kelly Clark (gold in 2002, bronze in 2010 and 2014), 2014 Olympic silver medalist Devin Logan, 2014 Olympian Eliza Outtrim,

Mission Statement: Mount Snow Academy fosters an environment in which young people develop a joy for learning, and respect for themselves and others, in academia, sports, and in personal and community relationships. The Mount Snow Academy community enthusiastically instills in our students the vigor and self esteem to take risks and the insight to build on their challenges as effectively as their successes.

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