Thursday, October 22, 2020

National Ski Academy

Address: 200 Oak Street Collingwood, ON Canada L9Y 2Y1

Phone: 705-444-1617

Founded: 1986

Full year traditional ski academy, day & boarding school

Grades:  9 through 12

Application Deadline: 4/30/2019

Day School Cost: CDN $ 44,000-$49,000

Boarding School Cost: $51,000

Financial Aid: Yes

Head of School: Tobin Walsh

Email Contact: [email protected]

Academic Approach: The NSA is a fully accredited private school with a complete university preparatory curriculum delivered by passionate teachers in tutorial and traditional classroom settings which travels and accommodates the fluctuating demands of an intensive ski and dryland training program.  Our academic program is structured not only to prepare student athletes for postsecondary study, it is also designed to encourage the development of a growth mindset, and to acquire critical thinking and problem-solving skills so as to make ethical and reasoned decisions. Of equal importance is to instill an appreciation for essential learning skills and work habits of responsibility, organization, collaboration, initiative, self-regulation and independence in learning.  These are all 21st century learning skills that will serve the student athletes throughout their time at the Academy and beyond: wherever their interests, passions and talents take them.

Athletic Approach: The NSA athletic program focuses on maximizing the individual potential of committed student athletes to realize and sustain high levels of performance in alpine ski racing throughout their racing career. By incorporating program elements that address the broader needs of the student athlete including academics, fitness and psychological training, the Academy experience is designed to maximize and realize his or her potential and to sustain performance in a highly competitive and challenging environment. The NSA’s supervised fitness and injury prevention, training and racing programs, as well as meals prepared by our full time Cordon Bleu-trained chef are designed to develop the student athlete and address individual needs. The NSA athletic program includes fitness testing and tracking of student athletes throughout the academic year as well as biomechanical assessments delivered through affiliate associations and sports psychology sessions on and off the hill.

Notable Alumni

Roni Remme (’14, CAST, Olympian), Larisa Yurkiw (’00, CAST, Olympian), Dave Duncan (’99, Cdn Ski Cross Team, Olympian)

Alumni Quote

“During six amazing years at the NSA, I made friends for life, I competed in and won provincial and national championships, won races at the Whistler Cup and won a silver medal at the Youth Olympics. I even graduated high school on-time. I will

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