Location: 1762B Prospector Ave, Park City, UT 84060

Phone: 435-714-1408

Website: picabostreetacademy.com

Founded: 2016

Grades: 7 through PG

Category: Year round with rolling enrollment

Application Deadline: 2/9/2021

Day School Cost: $12,500

Financial Aid: Yes

Athletic Approach: 

Picabo Street Academy welcomes students who are looking to maximize their athletic performance potential without compromising their academic future.   We operate year-round with rolling enrollment, which allows maximum flexibility when developing individual academic pathways for each student’s success. Personalized school scheduling is built around each student’s training and race plan, so students can succeed in school, and within their sport, without compromising the quality of either. Our flexibility allows us to adjust schedules at any time throughout the year based on the needs and desires of the student. This unique education model blends the best of virtual learning and the best of a classroom learning environment with one on one and small group teaching. Our rigorous curriculum, which is accredited by the largest accrediting body in the country, AdvancEd, ensures students are well prepared for college admission.  Students at Picabo Street Academy are highly motivated performers from a variety of athletic and artistic backgrounds who welcome the opportunity to create their own pathway to academic success.

Additional Information: 

Picabo Street Academy is not affiliated with any particular sports club; we provide schooling opportunities to a variety of athletes and artists as we are able to accommodate the different schedules.  Most students live in Park City, however some live elsewhere, attending school in Park City as their schedule permits.