Monday, May 10, 2021

Squaw Valley Academy

Address: Olympic Valley, CA

Phone:  530-583-9393


Founded: 1978

Winter Sports:  Alpine, nordic, freestyle, freeskiing, and snowboarding

Grades: 9 through PG

Category: Prep School with competitive ski programs

Application deadline: 07/1/2020

Student/Faculty Ratio: 6:1, average Class Size: 12, AP Classes: 19

Boarding Student cost: $52,950

Day Student cost: $16,000

Financial Aid: Yes

Head of School: William “Bill” Grant

Email Contact: [email protected]

Academic Approach: Squaw Valley Academy offers: • A broad-spectrum, multi-level curriculum that strives to meet the unique needs of each student. • 16 Advanced Placement Courses approved by the College Board. • College counseling to assist all seniors with applications. • An Academic Support Center that tailors help to your student’s needs. • Faculty-supervised evening study halls each school night. • Staff that engage with students in order to help them find their own successes. • Teachers who promote the total growth of a student through acknowledgment of individual learning styles. • Faculty and staff role-modeling. Squaw Valley Academy looks forward to helping your child achieve his or her educational goals and to ultimately become a stronger, more successful, human being.

Athletic Approach:The Squaw Valley Academy and Squaw Valley Ski Team strive to impact and better the lives of student-athletes by giving these young athletes skills for a driven, educated future. We educate students with the knowledge to be successful, empower them to create stronger performance, and engage student-athletes to inspire them to be self-motivated on and off the hill. The Squaw Valley Academy and Squaw Valley Ski Team understands that each athlete is an individual with their own genetics unique to themselves. Athletes establish the full range of motion for safety, mobility, joint stability, and muscular development. We aim to correct and address all imbalances before problems occur. Motor unit recruitment, central nervous system stimulus, and muscular fatigue are taken into account for training programming. The Squaw Valley Ski Team works very hard to reduce the risk of injury and the severity of potential injuries while maximizing skill development and performance. Through our creed – We will train hard, train smart, and train together.

Notable Coaches:Oliver Russell, Lindsey Dowd, Eric Garayoa, Bill Hudson, Jim Hudson

Notable Alumni: Todd Kelly, Edith Thys, Travis Ganong

Training Facilities: The Squaw Valley Academy and Squaw Valley Ski Team offer a full-time, year-round specialized program for competitive alpine ski racing. Squaw Valley Academy student-athletes participate in individualized conditioning and performance training at Squaw Valley with a full time Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. The conditioning facility is located at Squaw Valley Resort and ski team headquarters, which also houses team locker rooms and tuning facilities. Throughout the season each Student-athlete’s training schedule will be customized to maximize academic and athletic potential within an environment that fosters Team support and deliberate practice. With the seventeen training venues on hill at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley Academy, and Squaw Valley Ski Team offer the most diverse training opportunities in the country and the benefit of appropriate and challenging practice environments throughout the season The abundant, unparalleled terrain that the resort offers, allows for skill development at an accelerated rate. Daily (on-snow season) training sessions combine on-snow training, conditioning, recovery programs, ski tuning, and sports psychology training.

Additional Info: Squaw Valley Academy is an international 9-12 boarding school offering a combination of strong learning, supervised study, 100% college preparation, bay area adventures in Northern California. We enroll students who need the structure of small classes, focused study halls, and daily activities. The individual needs of each student remain an integral part of Squaw Valley Academy. Our staff and faculty believe self-esteem is enhanced through real accomplishment in the academic, athletic, and social aspects of life at a boarding school.

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