Friday, May 7, 2021

Ligety Weibrecht Ski Camp

Ligety Weibrecht Ski Camp


Email Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 716-378-7509

Camp Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon

Athlete Ages: U10 through masters. U8 and under, please contact us.

Cost: $1549 Day Camp. $200 – $400 multi-session discount.

Notable Coaches: Ted Ligety, Andrew Weibrecht, Megan McJames, David Chodounsky, Nolan Kasper, Steve Nyman, Tommy Biesemeyer, Anna Marno, Max Marno, Devin Delany, Lisa Densmore Ballard, Phil Mahre, Steve Mahre, Scotty Veenis, Pete Anderson, Miguel Azcarate.

What COVID 19 precautions will your camp have to take this summer?

We are following guidance from Timberline Ski Area, Oregon state authorities, American Camp Association and the CDC.

Why should athletes attend this summer ski camp?

WHY US? Since the summer of 2006 we have been inspiring ski racers to reach their potential by learning from the best.

WHAT DO WE KNOW? That great ski racing takes more than great skiing! Our coaches bring unmatched enthusiasm as they teach you the moves on snow, and also share their experiences with mental prep, equipment, fitness, nutrition, teamwork, rest and all the other things that are critical to the process of being the best skier and competitor you can be.

JOIN US FOR? Be encouraged, be inspired, be challenged, and learn in a fun, friendly environment. Come with a positive attitude and a desire to learn—Leave with new friends, new skills and memories to last a lifetime.

What is unique about this camp?

The experience of our coaches.

Coach to athlete ratio: 5:1


“The camp exceeded our expectations” —

Outside of training on snow, what should athletes expect to be doing at ski camp this summer? (extracurricular activities, hiking, biking, games, etc.)

Hiking, mountain biking, white water rafting.

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