Email Contact: [email protected]

Phone: 503-337-2230

Location: Government Camp, Oregon

Dates: May 30 – August 28

Ages: 9 – 19 for overnight stay. Adults have their own session Aug 22-28 Kids younger than 9 can attend day camp.

Cost: $1745 all inclusive

Notable Coaches: Mike Syrovatka, Simon Marsh, Jack Simon, Bob Robiscek,Jake Benda, Carson Ruud, Terry McLeod, Andrea Dahl, Ben Roberts, Connor O’Brien, Max Finger, Nicole Cordingly, Oscar Weary, Peter Cimino, Michael Jennings, Jack Reid

Notable Alumni: Ted Ligety, Darren Rahlves, Julia Mancuso, Ben Ritchie, Eric Wild, Jaelin Kauf

What COVID 19 precautions will your camp have to take this summer?

• Masks will be required at camp
• Social distancing will be practiced
• Handwashing will occur frequently
• Hand sanitizer will be available widely
• Temperature checks will be conducted daily
• Campers will be prevented from interacting with outside individuals
• Anyone presenting symptoms will be quarantined
• Everyone will be required to follow ski area protocols while on the hill
• High-touch areas and surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day
• Afternoon activities will be adjusted accordingly
• Safety reminder signage will be widespread
• Staff will be vaccinated

Why should athletes attend your summer ski camp?

1, We have the best snow
2. We have the best coaches
3 We have the most caring staff
4 We have the best pricing
5. We have the safest housing setup on the mountain
6. We have the best afternoon activities
7 We have awesome video facilities and cameramen
8 We offer racing, freeeskiing, moguls and snowboarding, Nobody else does that

What is unique about your camp?

We have been fine tuning the summer camp experience for over forty years. Everything we have built from scratch has been to enhance the total summer camp experience, no compromises! We have the perfect balance between high quality training up on Palmer and restful and engaging afternoon activities both on and off our 12 acre campus nestled in the Mt Hood National Forest.

Athlete to coach ratio: 8:1


Alessa Kim
Dear Mike,
I just got back home from camp, and even though I was worn out from my great training, I wish that I as still at MHSSC!!! It’s amazing how much camp can feel like home, but I never understood that until coming to Mt. Hood. Everything is part of a community, and when people ask me what I did over the summer, all I will be talking about is Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps. Here are the top 5 greatest things about MHSSC:

5. The Food- I always thought that camp food was junky, but MHSSC really knows what they are doing. The food is great!

4. The Location- For skiers and snowboarders in the US, being able to come to Mt. Hood is beyond amazing. And a plus–it’s in the summer!!! Oregon is great because you can ski until 12:30, and when you come down, you can go windsurfing, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping, zip lining, and so much more cool stuff! I love that!

3. The Coaches and the Counselors- Are now my favorite people on Earth. Besides knowing everything about safety, they are there to make you feel like you are at home, and they definitely know how to! Everyone gets homesick when they go to camp, and the counselors know about that. They’re awesome. The coaches have enthusiasm and excitement, which gets you pepped up on a slow day. They give great advice, and video analysis is the best! I bought my videos to take home so that I can show my parents how much I improved! Thank you coaches and counselors!

2. The Lodge / Campers- The lodge is super awesome, because you can do so much. There are tightropes, unicycles, a trampoline, a GaGa pit, a tuning station, a pool table, and so much more to name. Everyone hangs out after skiing, and the rooms are so fun to just sit around in. I love MHSSC!

1. The Community and the People- I cannot say enough how incredible MHSSC is, even though this is the theme of the last two. Everybody is there to have a great time and improve, and I know so many more people now who have great motivation and skill. The lodge is great, because everywhere you go you can talk to someone. The GaGa Ball pit. I am definitely building one because that game is so much fun, and nobody gets upset or angry like other games, and everyone has a chance to win! The trampoline is so helpful to freestylers, but also a fun place for racers! When you hear the encouraging, “Take it to snow!” or “Try a front flip this time,” you can understand the kind of people who come to Mt. Hood. Everyone is there to help you, and relationships last a lifetime. Anyway, this was all to say I had the best time at MHSSC. Thank you so much Mike.
Alessa K.

Outside of training on snow, what should athletes expect to be doing at your ski camp this summer? (extracurricular activities, hiking, biking, games, etc.)

MHSSC’s philosophy is to have fun in the afternoons doing things you may not have the opportunity to do at home. We aren’t a hard core dryland camp, but instead offer some fun alternatives in the afternoons. Our choices include: white water rafting, rock-climbing, trampoline, soccer, cliff jumping, hiking, mountain biking, volleyball, windsurfing, paintball, softball, golf-cage, unicycle, challenge course and tennis (we have our own clay court). Where else can you ski and whitewater raft in the same day?