Sunday, February 28, 2021

Ski Racing’s Unspoken Savior

Marcus Caston is unknowingly making ski racing cool again.

Cutting Edge: How one ski racer survived a life-threatening ski laceration

Victor Wiacek tells the harrowing story of a routine ski crash and how it led to a life-threatening ski laceration. Victor almost lost his life, saved by coaches, ski patrol and medical staff who were trained and ready to respond. Now he's working on a solution to try to prevent future accidents. More photos included (strong stomach required).

Top 3 Lower-Body Strength Exercises for Skiers

Make sure these three tried and true exercises are part of your gym training this summer.

Racers condemn FIS preparation of world champs slalom qualification hill

Racers remain agitated and perplexed about the shoddy preparation of the Lino Lacedelli piste – the site of Cortina’s men’s slalom qualification. Fifty-eight of 109...

Looking for the Right Academy? Here are Some Winter-Term Options

If you or your athlete is looking for an academy with full-time and/or a winter term option, look no further.

Future without fluoros: a complete guide

We dug a bit deeper to break down the problem, at its root, to help our readers and those impacted by the ban better understand how all this all started, who is involved, how its affecting wax companies, teams, and athletes, and what ski families in North America need to know heading into the 2020-21 season.

US skiers step out of Shiffrin’s shadow with strong results

For the first time since Lindsey Vonn’s retirement, the U.S. women’s ski team is no longer solely dependent on Mikaela Shiffrin for World Cup...

Which Summer Camp is Right for You?

Looking to ski some gates this summer or get in tip-top shape before next season rolls around? We've got you covered in our 2019 summer camp feature.

After a Life-Threatening Injury, Leyton Sheppard’s Future is Looking Bright

Young ski racer's story is is one of hope and how family and community are ever present in this sport.

Looking for the perfect academy? Let’s take a look at the East

The eastern region has multiple east coast and international academy options that offer full-time student status and winter term options.

How Do Ski Racers Stack Up?

Ski racing is a notoriously expensive sport. For those fortunate enough to make it on the World Cup, exactly how much money are they making in comparison to other individual sports?

From the Mouth of a Boot Service Man: Don’t Over Tinker

Florian Watschinger, an experienced boot service man, shares his point of view about the current trend toward intensive equipment testing for young athletes and the potential trap that comes with it.

Thoughts from frantic college skiers

In response to Ski Racing Media's story on the NCAA, 12 women who are currently competing or have competed on the NCAA circuit gathered to respond.

Backshop: How to put your skis away for the summer

Don't leave your skis out in the cold; use this easy seven-step guide to care for your skis between seasons.

Mikaela Shiffrin Has A New Title

The 24-year-old now reigns over Ingemar Stenmark as the most successful slalom skier in history.

Health of Sport task force assembled to reduce ski racing cost

The Alpine Sport Committee in 2019 established the Health of Sport task force, which is looking into ways of cutting cost.

There Must Be Something in the Water

What’s behind Lake Tahoe’s embarrassment of ski racing riches?

Gut-Behrami’s homes in Italy helped her to ski worlds golds

If they call Cortina the "Queen" of the Italian Dolomites, then Lara Gut-Behrami is the queen of the skiing world championships so far. It makes...

A parental advantage?

Parent coaches are an exception but those who fight their way onto the World Cup tour produced countless winners.

Shiffrin Smokes the Field in Killington

The American won out for the fourth time in a row in the slalom by 2.29 seconds despite challenging conditions.

In tragic year, Shiffrin’s coaches became ‘mentors in life’

A personal tragedy. The global pandemic. Then a back injury to top it all off. Mikaela Shiffrin had to deal with a surprising number of...

Then & Now: Penny Pitou’s Olympic silvers led to a lifetime of gold

Author’s note: When I was seven, mom put the 1960 Olympics from Squaw Valley on television for me. I was hooked. I can still...

A 3-run FIS race? Buck Hill’s answer to COVID

Buck Hill announced in October that they are hosting the club's first-ever three-run FIS race. Considering the lack of vertical at Buck Hill, it is...

Sam DuPratt recounts harrowing Val Gardena crash, talks recovery, future

Before Sam DuPratt started his skiing career at the University of Utah, he promised himself he would try to make it back to the...

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