Thursday, October 22, 2020

The most powerful turn in ski racing – kickin’ it with Alice Robinson

In his latest episode of 'Kickin' It With a Badass', Warner Nickerson follows the 18-year-old Kiwi around the Dolomites.

The American Downhiller: A Historical Bond

The history of the American Downhillers goes back to before the advent of the World Cup.  The tradition of Americans competing on European soil has formed a camaraderie that spans the test of time. This is their story. 

Video: Alice Robinson—the 17-Year-Old Phenom

New Zealand's Alice Robinson is a soon-to-be household name in the ski racing world. If you haven't heard of her, here's a sneak peek.

Video: Ted Ligety’s “Art of Arc”

Ski racer and snowboard star team up to search for the perfect turn.

Every Girl Deserves a Female Coach

That's why World Cup racer Keely Kelleher founded Keely's Camp for Girls, to empower the next generation of female skiers.

VIDEO: A tour of the legendary Kitzbühel ski race with Lindsey Vonn

Alpine ski legend Lindsey Vonn takes us through an inside tour of skiing's legendary race, the Hahnenkamm 2020 in Kitzbuhel. She gets...

VIDEO: Ted Ligety takes on first WPST event

The second episode of Life In Between Gates follows the arrival of Mr. GS on the WPST in his first dual race in Steamboat Springs.

Video: River Radamus Contends with Destiny

Radamus exploded onto the scene in 2016 when he snagged three gold medals at the Youth Olympics. Now, the 22-year-old is fighting to make a name for himself and his team on the World Cup.

Video: World Cup Athletes of the NCAA AJ Ginnis

In this second episode of World Cup Athletes of the NCAA, we follow around AJ Ginnis, a long time competitor on the White Circus and a new addition to the Dartmouth Ski Team.

VIDEO: Alice Merryweather Sets The Stage

The young downhiller has laid the groundwork for a career that'll put her among the ranks of her teammates before her.

Girls Moving Mountains

Ski Racing Media joined Keely's Camp for a backcountry expedition in Iceland.

Play day with the pros: Debbie Armstrong, Christin Cooper, and Cindy Nelson

Olympic medalists Christin Cooper, Cindy Nelson, and Deb Armstrong rip around Vail before the resorts closed.

Two Lifts to Help You Train Like an Olympian This Summer

Ski racers can learn a lot from Olympic lifters.

Ted Ligety’s Technician Tells All

Ski Racing Media catches up with Alex Martin, the man behind Ted Ligety's magic.

VIDEO: Life In Between Gates

Life In Between Gates is a reality show featuring a variety of Olympians, World Cup, US Ski Team and NCAA skiers. The...

American Downhiller: Episode 6

Bode Miller might not be racing anymore, but his legacy lives on.

Video Q&A: 15 Minutes with Tiger Shaw

Ski Racing sits down with US skiing CEO at 2018 Congress to discuss team culture, transparency and athletic development going forward.

Mo’ Skiing, Mo’ Speed

U.S. National Training Group athlete Maureen Lebel is an American Downhiller on the rise.

Catch up on FSN’s Snow Motion with Brenda Buglione

As the show's host, Buglione walks viewers through step by step ski tips, health and fitness tips for winter sports, exclusive athlete interviews, and more.

American Downhiller: Episode 4

For this American Downhiller, the couch is no place to watch a ski race.

Video: World Pro Ski Tour Race Brakes with Otto Tschudi

Listen and learn about Otto's most memorable race, how he pioneered racing equipment and what life was like on the World Pro Ski Tour in the '70s.

American Downhiller: Episode 3

A speed camp at Mammoth Mountain proves the future is bright for the American Downhillers.

So long, summer!

Today, on the unofficial last day of summer, we bid farewell to days filled with skiing in the mud. For those still clinging to warmer activities, here's a little recap of the action from Sommer-Ski in Saalbach. Cooler days are ahead.

USCSA: The Other Way to Race in College

Another great option for ski racing on collegiate teams without the pressure or restrictions of the NCAA.

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