Dobermann GS WC DEPT

Powerful, precise, and fearless, the Dobermann GS WC Dept enables the best skiers in the world to unleash their full potential. With the perfect blend of wood and metal, the ski offers exceptional control and response to boost your confidence and performance. Available in either a soft or stiff flex, it features a 10 mm Marker Piston Plate to further enhance the transmission of energy. And to answer the need for speed, the ski is hand-finished to ensure it’s race-ready. Proven again and again on the World Cup circuit, the Dobermann GS WC Dept is ready to take your racing to the next level.

Dobermann SLJ PLATE

As powerful as it is precise, the completely-redesigned Dobermann SLJ Plate provides the confidence you need to push your limits. For exceptional stability and response, this slalom ski features an entirely new construction that embeds a full-length metal sheet on top of a wood core. This makes it especially easy for developing racers to flex the ski while amplifying control and providing quick edge changes. The all-new Marker Junior Race Plate further enhances the transmission of power. Smaller-sized versions of the ski feature this plate in a two-piece design to ensure the proper flex. And to support your pursuit of the podium, it has a race-ready finish. Greatness lies within you—unleash it with the Dobermann SLJ Plate.