AJ Ginnis is a former member of the U.S. Ski Team, who after years of injury and near-misses on the World Cup, was cut loose from the team in 2018. He continued his racing at Dartmouth College while continuing to keep his finger in the World Cup as a non-named member of the U.S. team. That is until this year when Ginnis decided to race under the flag of the country where he was raised – Greece.

While it may be nothing new to find an American-raised skier or, former U.S. Ski Team members, wind up racing for other nations, the 26-year-old Ginnis actually spent the first half of his life in Greece. That’s where his late Greek father taught him to ski.

So, to answer the question you’re probably asking right now, yes, there is skiing in Greece, a fair amount. While they don’t have much in the way of ski racing, his recent 11th place finish in Flachau, Austria, was celebrated through this Mediterranean national in a way his bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in 2015 never was nor ever will be. Racing Greek has been the experience of a lifetime for AJ Ginnis, and his lifetime of experiences has been nothing short of an odyssey.