With World Cup winners Alexis Pinturault, Clement Noel, Mathieu Faivre, Johan Clarey and Tessa Worley at the top, the French Ski Association has named a competitive team for the Olympic season. 

Despite standout Worley, who finished third in the GS standings last season, the French team has catching up to do on the women’s team in both the tech and speed disciplines. Meanwhile, two of France’s top slaloms skiers, Jean-Baptiste Grange and Julien Lizeroux, have ended their careers, which accounts to the elimination of the slalom group in the French association. Another nine athletes have retired from the French association this year, opening up the team to 41 men and 29 women for the 2021-22 season. 

French team for the 2021-22 winter

A Team: Nils Allegre, Matthieu Bailet, Johan Clarey, Mathieu Faivre, Thibaut Favrot, Blaise Giezendanner, Victor Muffat-Jeandet, Maxence Muzaton, Clement Noel, Alexis Pinturault, Brice Roger, Adrien Theaux, Clara Direz, Coralie Frasse-Sombet, Laura Gauché, Tiffany Gauthier, Romane Miradoli, Nastasia Noens, Tessa Worley

B Team: Nils Alphand, Sam Alphand, Steven Amiez, Leo Anguenot, Augustin Bianchini, Ken Caillot, Hugo Desgrippes, Guerlain Favre, Adrien Fresquet, Valentin Giraud Moine, Evan Klufts, Theo Letitre, Florian Loriot, Diego Orecchioni, Loevan Parand , Roy Piccard, Nicolas Raffort, Paco Rassat, Cyprien Sarrazin, Victor Schuller, Louis Tuaire, Clarisse Breche, Camille Cerutti, Marion Chevrier, Alizée Dahon, Annouck Errard, Doriane Escane, Kenza Lacheb, Téa Lamboray, Marie Lamure, Caitlin McFarlaine, Tiffany Roux, Karen Smadja Clement, Julia Socquet Dagoreau

Young talent: Auguste Aulnette, Victor Bessiere, Sacha Dimiet Chambet, Leo Ducros, Alban Elezi Cannaferina, Charles Gammel Seigneur, Jérémie Lagier, Thomas Lardon, Lois Abouly, Louison Accambray, Axelle Chevrier, Candice David, Capucine Guillaume, Laurine Lugon-Moulin, Garance Meyer, Paola Orecchioni, Chiara Pogneaux, Julie Vatine