In preparation for the 2022 Alpine Junior World Ski Championships, FIS Continental Cup coordinators Jody Pujol and Wim Rossel traveled to the Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia, Canada for an inspection. They met with members of the local organizing committee and with the resort leadership & operations teams. The visit included a mountain walk-down inspecting the courses as well as visiting the village amenities including lodging, food & planned waxing facilities.

Top of mind was the safety of all championship participants and Covid precautions were discussed at length. Taking advantage of virtual meeting technology, Janez Flere (alpine technical and administrative coordinator for FIS) and Dmitrije Lazarovski (development manager for FIS) were among the participants in the discussions. Over a period of three days, the group held a series of meetings covering many topics. The local team is also preparing for their test event scheduled for December 2021.

Hosting the FIS coordinators were Panorama Mountain Resort President & CEO, Steve Paccagnan, organizing committee Race Chair Mike Irwin and Panorama’s Manager of Racing & Events Maryse Daze. 

Taking advantage of the proximity to Panorama, Ken Read, chairman of the Alpine Youth Subcommittee, was on hand to participate in the walk-down.  

The organizing committee will continue its work towards successful championships and will incorporate the feedback from the FIS coordinators into their planning.

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Text and photo provided by: Panorama 2022 WJC