Walter Reusser, alpine skiing director of Swiss Ski, together with the head coaches Thomas Stauffer (men), Beat Tschuor (women) and Hans Flatscher (juniors) have announced their team for the 2020-21 season.

Results from the 2019-20 season played a big role in the selection process. The National Team for alpine now consists of 19 athletes, instead of 15, as compared to the previous season. Urs Kryenbühl moves up from the B squad to the National Team. Aline Danioth, Joana Hahlen, Gino Caviezel, Niels Hintermann and Carlo Janka are also new members of the highest Swiss Ski squad (previously A-Squad).


Alexis Monney, the junior world downhill champion, made the direct jump from the National Performance Center (NLZ) West to the B squad. Marco Fischbacher and Dionys Kippel were promoted from the regional selection to the B squad.

A total of 96 athletes were accepted into one of Swiss Ski’s alpine squads — 10 more than in the previous season. Check out the full selections through the links below. 

Alpine Skiing Men selections 2020-21
Alpine Skiing Women selections 2020-21

The selection guidelines can be viewed here.

Additionally, there were some changes on World Cup level within the coaching team. The women’s speed team, led by Roland Platzer, welcomed Cristian Locher, who most recently worked for the Bernese Oberland Ski Association (BOSV) and replaces Florian Capaul. The 32-year-old will train the juniors in Obersaxen at club level.

The World Cup group of technicians will be expanded. While Werner Zurbuchen will be looking after the junior C team, coaches Jörg Roten and Klaus Mayrhofer join the team headed by Alois Prenn. Roten has been Head Coach for Wonmen’s European Cup in the past two seasons, while Mayrhofer changes to Swiss-Ski from Austrian Ski Team. 

On the men’s side, coach Willi Dettling moves from the World Cup giant slalom group to the speed group. Renzo Valsecchi will replace him in the giant slalom World Cup group led by Helmut Krug.

Words courtesy of Swiss Ski and FIS.


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