Due to the recently enacted European travel restrictions, and ongoing concerns in the United States and Canada regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), U.S. Ski & Snowboard is canceling all remaining U.S. domestic events, and working to return all U.S. Ski & Snowboard athletes back to the United States. In addition, Alpine Canada, and Nordiq Canada have canceled events to coincide with U.S. Ski & Snowboard.

U.S. Ski & Snowboard is also canceling all sanctioned and scheduled events beginning Monday, March 16. This includes all club-level events for all disciplines and any unnecessary gatherings, including banquets, awards, and end of season presentations, etc. Expect further updates on future events, including U.S. Ski & Snowboard Congress.

At this time, U.S. Ski & Snowboard sanctioned events through Monday, March 16, will continue as scheduled, or as determined by local organizing committees, or local health and government officials that such events should be canceled.

Individual participants of each event will be contacted by either the local organizing committees, clubs, or U.S. Ski & Snowboard regarding refunds of event entry fees.

The following major U.S. and Canadian events have been canceled:

In addition, the following events are currently taking place, and will continue as scheduled pending local health and government officials:

  • U.S. Freestyle Aerial Championships, Bristol Mountain, NY; March 14
  • U.S. Junior Cross Country Championships, Auburn, Calif.; through March 14

The health and safety of athletes and staff is the primary concern of U.S. Ski & Snowboard and we are monitoring the current outbreak COVID-19 closely. We remain in close contact with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), as well as our local health authorities here in Utah for guidance and instruction.

Alpine Canada and provincial partners, in keeping with recommendations from the Government of Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Centers of Disease Control, and the Department of Homeland Security, have opted to cancel Canadian Championships, as well as the remainder of their domestic events.

Release courtesy of US Ski & Snowboard and Alpine Canada.