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In addition to the World Cup models, the DRS 140, DRS 130 and DRS 110 have also been fully revised for the 20/21 season. With a last width of 97 mm instead of 98 mm, they offer a race-style fit, greater precision and higher power transmission. The last for these new models is based on the DRS World Cup version, which means they have the same kind of high energy feel. As on the World Cup model, a new liner and new buckles provide greater rigidity, support, versatility and fine-tuning options. The new tongue is adjustable and enables the foot to slip easily out of the boot. Thanks to their curved ergonomic design and flatter profile, the modified buckles give the boots an extra boost. For coaches who want to ski in race boots but have perfect traction while maneuvering around at the start, new GripWalk lifters are available for the new DRS models.


  • Last: 97mm
  • Flexes:  130
  • Half Sizes: 225-295

Price: $549.95