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WCR Lite SL 3D

WCR Lite SL 3D


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Down-sized, but not down-graded from the adult WCR version makes this the perfect model for the young  slalom skier. Same high-tensile strength 16mm HTS 6.5 Aluminum AirFOIL shaft .   The new trigger 3D SL grip in a smaller size offers more control through a direct connection between glove and pole, improved ease of use through quick clicking in and out,  and greater security through intelligent three-dimensional triggering that expands the  release directions to 220-degrees.  Also available in traditional racer red and a GS bend version with 3D Pro G (speed) grip.

Size Chart

Aluminum AirFOIL construction; Trigger 3D SL Compact grip; Trigger 3D Frame Strap; 36" - 48"