An era comes to an end at the Austrian Ski Association (OSV) as Sports Director Hans Pum declared at the OSV presidential conference that he will end his activities as Sports Director in July of this year. The 64-year-old native of Northern Austria has been working in the OSV for 42 years in various functions.

As successful as the decades-long activity of Hans Pum in the OSV was, his resignation came as a surprise on Thursday.


“In the course of these meetings, I decided it would be better to retire, so I informed the President that I would not be available by the end of July, which is a bit earlier than originally planned, but it was the right time for me,” Pum said. “I was able to experience wonderful successes in the Austrian Skiing Association and I would like to thank the President for the trust he has placed in me for many years.”

Pum has served his home country’s ski federation in some capacity since 1977.


1977 to 1978: Condition coach Europa Cup men 1

1978 to 1981: Assistant coach World Cup technical men

1981 to 1985: Group coach Europa Cup men

1985 to 1988: Trainer World Cup technical men

1988 to 1992: Men’s race director

1992 to 1996: OSV marketing

1996 to 2010: Alpine Director

2010 to 2019: Sports Director

Release courtesy of the OSV.