Since the 1970s, professional skiers and racers have often purchased their equipment at various “Fit Nights” across the United States.  These events facilitate equipment selection and ordering, but attendance has declined over recent years because they often only last a few hours.  Despite the benefit of being fitted by factory representatives and elite retail staff, many skiers are having a harder time than ever making it to the short-duration events. 

The Colorado Competition Council (C3) has a solution for this dilemma. A brand new event, the C3 Gear Spectacular, will be held over three days on September 13-15 in Eagle, Colorado.  This event was developed to help ease the chaotic fit day schedule and provide ample time throughout one weekend for athletes and professionals to be fitted in the correct equipment.


“It’s evident that many athletes weren’t able to attend the one night events due to various obligations,” said HEAD’s Cameron Smith. “C3 provides a whole weekend where athletes and professional skiers can pick what day works best for them.” 

Eagle was chosen due to its central location between the Roaring Fork Valley, Steamboat Springs, Summit County, and the Vail Valley, allowing easy access for skiers from the many clubs and resorts in the greater region.

The C3 Gear Spectacular will be an important opportunity for athletes to order the equipment best suited for them. 

“An athlete fighting their equipment for an entire season can be devastating,” Smith added. “Being properly fit is crucial to their success.”

Equipment is supposed to enhance athletes’ performance, not hinder it. Communication between race service representatives, athletes, coaches, and parents is imperative to ensure the athlete is using the correct equipment. For top performance, the right size and flex boot is essential, as is the correct model and length ski along with perfectly adjusted bindings. Representatives from several different ski brands will be at the C3 event and will ensure that each piece of equipment is ideal for each athlete’s ability.

Inaugural C3 Gear Spectacular

WHERE: Brush Creek Pavilion, Eagle, Colorado

WHEN: September 13-15 (Friday: 4-8 p.m., Saturday: 8 a.m.-6 p.m., Sunday: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.)

WHO: Athletes, parents, coaches, retailers, company representatives