Calling all elementary school students! Olympic gold medalist Mikaela Shiffrin and professional freeride skier, Chris Anthony, have teamed up to host the Chris Anthony Youth Project Art Contest for Kids.

Shiffrin and Anthony are looking for talented kids to put their drawing skills to the test. The contest is looking for kids to draw an image that depicts the 10th Mountain Division, the Army’s first light infantry mountain ski troop activated during World War Two. The most creative submission will be featured in the opening prologue of the documentary, “Mission Mt. Mangart”. There are no parameters as to what the drawing should be, as long as it demonstrates the spirit of the ski troop. This can include the mountains, the men, the women, the skiing, Camp Hale or the troop’s time in Italy.

Deadlines for submissions are May 1st, 2020. Drawings are to be submitted to [email protected]

Chris Anthony’s Youth Project began in 2013 when Anthony was inspired by a mentor to bring his passions full-circle and use it to inspire youth. Since the creation of the Youth Project, Anthony has engaged over 70,000 students through school programs. His mission is to improve their quality of life by introducing youth to educational enrichment opportunities. By putting mentors in the classroom, bridging students to experiential opportunities beyond the classroom, providing financial support, and building educational tools that enhance the classroom experience.