Clement Noel further demonstrated his capacity to perform on the big stage, winning the Snow King slalom in Zagreb for the first time in his career. The 22-year-old Frenchman is the first man of his nation to win in Zagreb since 2009.

Switzerland’s Ramon Zenhaeusern fell just short of the win after leading in the first run, 0.07 seconds back from Noel. If Zenhaeusern had been successful, he would have become the first Swissman to have ever won in Zagreb.


Alex Vinatzer represented the Italians well, earning his first-ever podium at just 20-years-old, only 0.29 seconds behind Noel.

American Luke Winters once again placed in the top 30 of the slalom, opening up another opportunity for an American man to join him and his teammate, River Radamus, on the slalom circuit. He finished 28th overall after a mistake towards the bottom of the course.

Top 10

  1. Clement Noel (FRA): 1:57.14
  2. Ramon Zenhaeusern (SUI): +0.07
  3. Alex Vinatzer (ITA): +0.29
  4. Andre Myhrer (SWE): +0.39
  5. Armand Marchant (BEL): +0.49
  6. Lucas Braathen (NOR): +0.63
  7. Linus Strasser (GER): +0.71
  8. Manfred Moelgg (ITA): +0.77
  9. Alexis Pinturault (FRA): +0.97
  10. Simon Maurberger (ITA): +0.99

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