The Slovenian men’s alpine team has been training for the upcoming 2017-18 World Cup season with a physical preparation camp held in the Gorizia region of the country near the Italian border. 

Members of the team as well as their physical trainers also gave updates on their status heading into the bulk of their summer training and on-snow projects leading into the fall.


“The guys are great, they are highly motivated,” said Slovenian Men’s Head Physical Trainer Nika Radjenovic. “All are aware that this season is very important. They can achieve their dreams. I think this contributes to a large proportion of motivation. Despite the fact that they enjoyed a week or two or three of vacation, it does not show in their preparation and the progress that they have from week to week is so much bigger and more visible. I am very pleased with their approach and readiness. I believe that much can show and I’m glad we have the opportunity to work with them this year.”

Slovenian Ski Association

Slovenian men’s speed star Bostjan Kline also gave an update on his physical condition after taking time off following World Cup Finals to nurse chronic pain in his knee. Despite the constant knee pain, Kline managed his first career World Cup win when he took the victory in the Kvitfjell downhill on Feb. 24.

“It was not even an injury,” Kline said. “I had knee pain. Ligaments were a little torn or pulled. After the Finals, I took a little break to allow my knee time to relax, rest, and regenerate. Otherwise, I’m all healthy. Everything is running smoothly.”

Following the completion of their dryland camp, the team will move to Kranjska Gora for an “active vacation” before getting back to their physical preparations for the upcoming season.