SYNC Performance, provider of ski apparel, protective ski race equipment, and travel bags based in Vail, Colo., launched into new territory by releasing an innovative freeski line on Kickstarter. The 21-day pledge campaign, which began on March 9, will be used  to support the production of the Headwall Stretch Outerwear Collection. This line includes a shell jacket, full bib pants, and traditional style pants that work together to form the perfect restriction-free ski kit.

“When not in the gates, racers are out enjoying the mountains. We heard they wanted as high of a standard of gear they get on the race course, and we listened,” said Geof Ochs, SYNC Performance President & CEO. “With the Headwall Stretch Freeski Collection, we now are able to round out our offering for our race athletes and freeskiers. It keeps up with you so you don’t have to stop. Because you should never have to second guess the gear you wear to help you perform at your highest level.”

SYNC is a brand that is built by athletes, for athletes, and constantly refined through athlete feedback. With sidecountry and backcountry skiing exploding these days, and freeskiers abandoning the resorts to head into new terrain, there is real demand to push the limits of a stagnant apparel category and produce high performance apparel that stands up to these harsh environments.

“This line moves with you wherever you ski. It’s durable enough for hundreds of resort days while being light and mobile enough for long days in the backcountry,” said Ochs. “If you know SYNC, you know we have been focused on ski racing and haven’t explicitly approached the backcountry or freeskiing category before. But that all changes with The Headwall Stretch Freeski Collection. We believe in this gear and we want you to have it. This product is something we want to produce for years to come, and with your help on Kickstarter, we can.”

Many of the high-performance insights gleaned from ski racing have proved invaluable to the development of this collection. This is SYNC Performance’s first product collection designed specifically for use beyond the race course. The collection uses “the same bold, innovative approach that has built a reputation for high-quality ski racing apparel, and applied it to the world of freeskiing,” the company said in a release. “These products are the direct result of years of testing and refinement with high performance athletes who have roots in ski racing, coupled with the evolution of SYNC’s unique product creation process over the years.”

Having successfully completed three previous Kickstarter campaigns, SYNC skiers understand the value of becoming early backers to our latest products. As a reward for early backers, the prices were deeply discounted only for those who participate in the Kickstarter. A full kit is offered at $350, or the jacket, bib and pants will be sold separately for $199. After the 21-day campaign, these products will not be available at these discounted prices.

“The typical outdoor industry apparel launch-cycle bores us. Honestly, being secretive is not our jam. Raising the bar and turning the outdoor industry on its head is what interests us, so we’re inviting you to join us in the revolution of making gear that you can feel good about wearing and supporting while having a say in its creation,” said Ochs. “By supporting these groundbreaking products made by an independent, small, Colorado based company, you get an early opportunity to look through the window of our process and what we’re creating, show your support for our mission, and help us expand our product catalog without having to guess the right amount of product to order from our manufacturers.”

By utilizing Kickstarter, it also allows a greener approach toward clothing production. Eliminating product waste and reducing the amount of inventory in warehouses is an environmental effort SYNC is passionate about. This approach allows Sync to produce the right quantities of the right products that consumers want, rather than assuming or making educated guesses on what’s needed. Less manufacturing costs, less materials, less waste, the company says.

Learn more at SYNC’s website.


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