About Us


Ski Racing Media is the leading international media company in alpine skiing, providing industry expertise, storytelling, and education. We are an independent media company that guides the community through informative writing, photography, and video. 


For the last 50 years, Ski Racing Media has been the industry-leading, English-language news source for alpine skiing. Today, SRM has expanded its offerings in content creation for relevant brands, but holds onto its roots as a source of accurate, timely coverage of the sport. Our team consists of athletes, experts, and creative visionaries who take decades of experience in skiing coupled with expertise in current digital media trends to lead conversations, tell meaningful stories and investigate important issues. SRM keeps a pulse on the skiing community. We aim to showcase the sport from junior racing to the World Cup and to aid skiing’s growth at the grassroots level.

Ski Racing Media consists of two arms

SkiRacing.com and Ski Racing Productions. We span nearly all conceivable digital platforms with a branded website, mobile application, video outlets, and three integrated social media channels.

SkiRacing.com is our independent news division providing breaking news, in-depth analysis, and commentary on events and issues at all levels of the world of alpine ski racing. Once described as “the Bible of the sport” by Sports Illustrated, the editorial staff at SkiRacing.com has been an authoritative voice in the sport since its inception in 1968.

Ski Racing Productions partners with brands to tell their story through writing, video, and photography. Whether the content is distributed to Ski Racing Media’s audience or used exclusively by the brand, the Ski Racing Media team can bring any brand’s story to life.