The 2016-17 season is a World Championship year for Alpine Canada Alpin (ACA) athletes, and the organization announced 35 richly talented alpine and ski cross competitiors who will form the national teams that will storm the World Cup circuits and chase podium finishes for Canada.

The veteran athletes named include Olympic and World Cup medalists, crystal globe winners, and Nations Cup champions along with fresh faces that offer a bright future for Canadian ski racing. Both the alpine and ski cross (which includes a handful of former alpine stars for Canada) teams will hit the gym and snow over the upcoming months in preparation for the 2016-17 competition season.

“Congratulations to all of the athletes named to the 2016-17 national teams,” said Mark Rubinstein, ACA President and CEO. “Every team member has demonstrated tremendous dedication, perseverance and talent. After last season’s impressive accomplishments, including a Nations Cup victory, 43 World Cup podiums and three crystal globes, across our Canadian ski cross, para-alpine and alpine teams, I’m confident that the best is yet to come. With a legion of support behind our athletes, including world-class coaches and technicians, medical and sport science staff, and other dedicated ACA staff, we expect another great year on top of the podium!”

Absent from the roster is recently retired speed skier Larisa Yurkiw and 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, Jan Hudec, who has struggled with injuries over several seasons and did not finish the only World Cup race he started in last season, the super-G at Lake Louise on Nov. 29, 2015.

“Jan Hudec failed to meet the set out standards to be named to the team,” Alpine Canada Alpin said in a statement to CBC Sports. “Under coach’s discretion, Jan was selected to the team, subject to further physical, health and World Cup performance parameters laid out by Alpine Canada Alpin to ensure his health, performance and ACA resources were allocated effectively. … Jan declined to agree nor adhere to the set out requirements, therefore declining his spot on the Canadian Alpine Ski Team at this time.”

Marie-Pier Prefontaine and Morgan Pridy, athletes on the 2015-16 alpine team, announced their retirements shortly after the naming of the upcoming season’s team.

2016-17 Canadian Alpine Ski Team
Philip Brown, Toronto, Ont. 09/11/1991
Jack (James) Crawford, Toronto, Ont. 03/05/1997
Dustin Cook, Lac-Sainte-Marie, Que. 11/02/1989
Erik Guay, Mont Tremblant, Que. 05/08/1981
Morgan Megarry, Collingwood, Ont. 26/05/1993
Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Vancouver, B.C. 08/02/1984
Trevor Philp, Calgary, Alta. 01/05/1992
Erik Read, Calgary, Alta. 31/05/1991
Brodie Seger, North Vancouver, B.C. 28/12/1995
Broderick Thompson, Whistler, B.C. 19/04/1994
Benjamin Thomsen, Invermere, B.C. 25/08/1987
Tyler Werry, Calgary, Alta. 22/10/1991

Candace Crawford, Toronto, Ont. 11/03/1994
Marie-Michèle Gagnon, Lac Etchemin, Que. 25/04/1989
Valérie Grenier, Mont Tremblant, Que. 30/10/1996
Erin Mielzynski, Collingwood, Ont. 25/05/1990
Laurence St. Germain, St. Ferréol les Neiges, Que. 30/05/1994
Mikaela Tommy, Wakefield, Que. 10/05/1995

Development Team
Simon Fournier, Quebec 26/05/1997
Sam Mulligan, British Columbia 20/02/1997
Huston Philp, Alberta 22/11/1997
Jeffrey Read, Alberta 01/10/1997
Riley Seger, British Columbia 21/04/1997
Stefanie Fleckenstein, British Columbia 06/09/1997
Ali Nullmeyer, Ontario 21/08/1998
Amelia Smart, Alberta 01/08/1998
Marina Vilanova, Quebec 27/02/1999

2016-17 Canada Ski Cross Team
Christopher Del Bosco, Vail, Col./ Montreal, Que. 30/03/1982
Kevin Drury, Toronto, Ont. 22/07/1988
Dave Duncan, London, Ont. 15/07/1982
Mathieu Leduc, Comox, B.C. 14/04/1990
Brady Leman, Calgary, Alta. 16/10/1986
Kelsey Serwa, Kelowna, B.C. 01/09/1989
Georgia Simmerling, Vancouver, B.C. 11/03/1989
Marielle Thompson, Whistler, B.C. 15/06/1992

A release courtesy of Alpine Canada Alpin was used for portions of this article