Last week, in Lake Louise the downhill track was carved out by the World Cup, a precursor to the North American Cup (NorAm) speed races taking place this week. The action kicked off Wednesday with sunnier weather, less snowfall, and colder mornings. Conditions have made for a fast track and it will be an exciting few days of downhill training and racing. 

Racing started Wednesday with the men and women both hitting full-throttle on the downhill track. 

On the women’s side, Keely Cashman, of the U.S. Ski Team laid down a screaming run with a finish time of 1:01.10 to win. She let her skis run, held an awesome line, and grabbed her tuck where it was most needed. Stefanie Fleckenstein from Canada came in second and Isabella Wright from the United States rounded out the podium in 3rd place. 

On the men’s side, Canadian, Jeffery Read raced to a winning finish with a time of 1:17.68. Alexander Cameron came through the finish line only .01 behind Read for second place. Both held a strong focus throughout the course and let their skis run. Kyle Alexander finished out a Canadian podium sweep with his third place. It was an awesome day for the Canadian men’s team. 

Stay tuned Thursday as another DH race takes place for both the men and women. Excitement is to come as scattered flurries move into the forecast tomorrow, which may change the dynamics of this race.  

Below are the Top 10 men’s and women’s finishes from today. 


1st Keely Cashman USA 1:01.10

2nd Stefanie Fleckenstein CAN +0.53

3rd Isabella Wright USA +0.81

4th Alix Wilkinson USA +0.85

5th Lauren Macuga USA +1.20

6th Katrina Van Soest CAN +1.42

7th Olivia Holm USA +1.89

8th Ella Renzoni CAN +2.08

9th Claire Timmermann CAN +2.46

10th Sarah Bennett CAN +3.11

For full Women’s results click here.


1st Jeffery Read CAN 1:17.68

2nd Cameron Alexander CAN +0.01

3rd Kyle Alexander CAN +0.06

4th Sam Morse USA +0.10

5th Wiley Maple USA +0.16

6th Sam Mulligan CAN +0.20 

7th Adur Etxezarreta ESP +0.35

8th Brodie Seger CAN +0.55

9th Kyle Negomir USA +0.62

10th Dustin Cook CAN +0.90

For full Men’s results click here.