The Norwegian Sports Federation received the sad news Wednesday that Finn Christian Jagge has died at the age of 54. 

“Our thoughts go first and foremost to the family and to everyone who is fond of alpine sports who have now lost a striking figure and one of the best alpinists and role models of Norwegian sport of our time,” says sports president Berit Kjøll.


“Jagge crowned an impressive career with Olympic gold in Albertville in 1992, beating another legend, Alberto Tomba. Jagge also excelled in sports and was a great example for many of our young and promising athletes in alpine sports. Jagge will be sorely missed,” said Kjøl.

In addition to an impressive Olympic gold, Finn Christian Jagge also won seven individual World Cup victories, eight NM golds and two royal trophies.

Release courtesy of Norwegian Sports Federation.


  1. A group of us from Vancouver/Whistler raced in Australia in the summer of 1986 when I was 17. We raced and trained with the young racers from Norwegian Team. I still remember how fierce the young Norwegians were. Finn Christian Jagge, Ole Furuseth, and Torjus Berge. It was amazing to watch them rise to the pinnacles of Ski Racing. Sorry to see you go – ski fast up there FCJ!

  2. This is terrible news. Finken was a great champion and an even better person. He will be sorely missed… 🙁


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