The 2020 U.S. downhill national championship featured an international flair with German national team athletes finishing in the top 10 at today’s men’s race at Copper Mountain. The national title was awarded to 34-year-old Romed Baumann, of Germany, followed by his teammate Josef Ferstl, with Jared Goldberg of the U.S. Ski Team rounding out the podium in third. 

Baumann and Ferstl are fierce competitors on the World Cup tour. Baumann has 10 World Cup podiums, including two victories, and two World Championships bronze medals to his name. His German teammate, 31-year old Ferstl, is a 2019 Kitzbühel super G champion. 


The German team joined the U.S. Ski Team at Copper the first week of November and have since been training together. Former U.S. speed team coach Andy Evers leads the German squad and returned, despite the pandemic, to Copper with his athletes after having experienced the high-quality training the venue produces year after year. 

Goldberg capitalized on his previous three weeks, training alongside these top World Cup athletes. After nailing down his equipment and finding consistency in his skiing, Goldberg put down a solid run to land him on the podium. 

“I like having the Germans here because it gives us a good pace,” said Goldberg. “Two of them have won Kitzbühel, others are top 30 World Cup skiers. We train with them every day, watch their videos, look at the timesheet, and have someone to chase. I definitely have some work to do but I feel like I am ready to race World Cups.” 

Conditions were as close to World Cup conditions as they could be today, the athletes said. After the ladies had two runs on the course, the snow hardened and the course dished out. Aerodynamics were also key as the set resembled a highway with fast speeds and open distance between gates. Goldberg was able to execute his line and get positive feedback from his skis. 

“Skiing-wise I have just been working on my aerodynamics, being clean, and having a good stance,” said Goldberg. “I’m definitely excited with how today turned out. For me, I was just trying to test how much I could push the gas pedal.”

Behind Goldberg was his teammate Ryan Cochran-Seigle in fourth, followed by a tie between U.S. Ski Team athlete Sam Morse and Middlebury skier Erik Arvidsson. Kyle Negomir of the U.S. SKi Team rounded out the top 10 for American athletes in eighth. 

U.S. Alpine National Championships – Men’s Downhill – Nov. 19, 2020



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