Claire Abbe Brown, Publisher

For 50 years, Dale of Norway has been keeping good-looking Norwegian ski racers warm with their good-looking knits. (Sorry, no ugly sweater party here!) My husband and I are ready to hit the Park City streets in his and hers Lillehammer sweaters. $229


These Dryguy Boot Gloves are pretty hot on the scene these days, especially among speed skiers — Lara Gut and Kjetil Jansrud in Copper, for example — who wear them up the lift and during inspection to keep their feet warm.  $30


Christine J. Feehan, Web Editor

Because I have an intricate boot warming system set up in my Nordica Patron Pros, I’m usually too lazy to remove my liners for proper drying while traveling. But the Dryguy Travel Dry convection inserts always get the job done to avoid cold and wet boots on back-to-back race mornings. $30


I’m not the type of woman who would normally wear a ski hat that costs as much as my coat, but I received one particular winter toque as a gift last Christmas and can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received since. The Bogner Sport Ski Knit Hat Leonie with detachable Finnraccoon pompom doesn’t come cheap, but its classic look is priceless. Just please get yours in one of the three colors offered other than Gray Melange so we don’t wind up matching on the mountain. $269


Susan Theis, Director of Visual Content

When most people hear “Swix,” they typically think of hard goods, but a couple seasons ago the brand released a new line called Northern Fusion. If there’s one piece of gear I always reach for when leaving the house, it’s the Romsdal Down Jacket. I wear it both as a stand-alone piece and as an extra layer under a shell for cold days on the mountain. The Romsdal also comes in a long or short version. If you can’t choose just buy both, I promise you won’t be disappointed. $240


Sarah Tuff Dunn, Editor-in-Chief

Since I’ll be covering the NASTAR Eastern Championships at Okemo Mountain in Vermont (Jan. 29 to 31), I’m wishing for a long weekend away at the Jackson Gore Inn. S’mores, anyone?

And I just got some new skis for my birthday, but there’s still space in the garage (if not room in the budget) for a pair of new Z-90s from Renoun, the Vermont start-up that uses hyper-dampening technology. Race coach Lyndsay Strange reports: “Usually, I’ve found, that when a ski company wants ‘damp’ or lots o metal, they are too stiff with little ‘playfulness.’ yet these can create a lot of energy throughout the turn with that sweet stiff tail, but I never found that I got stuck in the back seat due to the stiffness in the tail. The stability the magic material creates at speed is incredible.” $1,295

It’s hella cold in our neck of the woods, so I’d like to keep my neck warm by zipping up the Helly Hansen Icefall Jacket, a technical down piece that’s also water resistant. $300


Finally, I’m fresh out of Trilipiderm moisturizer, hands-down the best hand, foot and all-over cream I’ve tried. It’s the brainchild of a Jackson Hole research institute, so it’s ideal for ski racers, but it worked just as well fending off the fierce rays of South Beach recently. The travel bundle would stuff my stocking very nicely, thank you. $75

Sean Higgins, Associate Editor

Sarah writes: We were horrified when the California-bred Sean Higgins reached for a bottle of generic maple syrup during a recent staff meeting in Utah. So we’d like to give Sean not only a jug of Slopeside Syrup, but also some new Untapped Maple Waffles to keep him fueled while covering the World Cup this winter. $9


And while Sean’s lounging in luxury in a European hotel, he can research snowsports by reading a copy of Fox Tossing: And Other Forgotten and Dangerous Sports, Pasttimes and Games, a new tome on activities that are actually quite tame, including ski ballet. $24


Gabbi Hall, Associate Editor

Sarah writes: To welcome aboard our brand-new Associate Editor, we’d like to raise a glass of Shacksbury Cider, the sine qua non of gluten-free beverages. It’s made from foraged apples and pairs just as well with pizza as it does with prosciutto. $30


But to cope with the altitude, the New Hampshire resident will need a shot — a shot of oxygen, that is, in a canister of O+, oxygen-enriched air that comes in portable tubes and three flavors — natural, peppermint and pink grapefruit. Go get ‘em, Gabbi! $24Oxygenf

Hank McKee, Senior Editor, and Gary Black, Managing Partner

Sarah writes: OK, so they already have one. But it’s the gift that keeps on giving: a subscription, for two premium pundits of the sport, to Premium. $15