As a whole, ski racers are not rolling in dough. It can cost more to compete than can be made in prize money. Unless you’re the best of the best and have lucrative endorsement deals, it can be a grind. American skier Lindsey Vonn is one of the few making substantial money. This season, she has earned 209,530 Swiss francs in prize money alone–the fifth most of a woman on the World Cup. Her teammate Mikaela Shiffrin has made the most money of any woman so far this season, 602,774.88 Swiss francs. Both ladies will earn far more through their endorsement deals with companies like Rolex.

Vonn sat down for a conversation on UNINTERRUPTED’s show, Kneading Dough, to talk about how ski racers make money, how her father helped her turn her skills into a money-making career and the wage gap between men and women.