Great article and discussion on the proposed number of race starts for FIS racers. The dialog was interesting for sure… lot of good points on all sides.If I may, I’m certainly not a high level College coach, nor Ski Team, or Europa, or Nor Am. But, as a club coach, Mid Am, and Fis coach for our athletes in our Region, in Michigan I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty high level athletes at the FIS level. And including several trips out west for what used to be Junior Olympics. I have spent over 25 years coaching in our sport of Alpine Ski Racing and I can tell ya I had athletes back then that were full time USSA and FIS racers chasing points going from one race to the next. Spending a lot of time on the road, and several even raced for there High School team. I could see a  issue way back then with these athletes getting to many race starts at FIS level. I’m also an active Technical Delegate for USSA in our region in Michigan, and I still see to many athletes going race to race even at lower levels. For sure our sport is not getting any less expensive. And trying to balance school, training, travel, it can be a challenge.  I would support the upper level, elite college racers, prospective athletes trying to make US Ski Team criteria,  let em get the race starts they want especially if they are a very balanced game plan to get them to where they want to be. Other levels of FIS racers, I would support a limited race start what ever that number would be.In closing, we have got to keep our hard working, dedicated, goal oriented athletes in Alpine Ski Racing. And it’s got to be fun.

— Ken “Woody” Brackney


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