The pursuit of elite, full-time athletics has often meant sacrificing everything else, including in some cases, education. Colorado-based ski racers now have an additional option through a new partnership between Laurel Springs School and Loveland Ski Club’s Alpine Race Academy.

In 2014, Loveland Ski Club debuted its Alpine Race Academy to enable athletes to pursue their ski racing potential by removing all barriers to success. Now that commitment grows to include a top-tier K-12 education. Beginning with the 2020-21 season, the Alpine Race Academy at Loveland Ski Club has selected Laurel Springs as its official education partner.

The partnership with Laurel Springs will provide Alpine Race Academy athletes with a rigorous, fully online academic program delivered on a flexible schedule, allowing students to maximize training time without jeopardizing their education. For athletes who often train and compete in other states and countries, Laurel Springs’ curriculum can be completed from anywhere in the world. While many schools are starting to explore the concept of online education, Laurel Springs has been an online education leader and innovator for nearly 30 years.

“Education is not something you dabble in, and it’s not something we take lightly,” said Joe Minock, Executive Director of Loveland Ski Club. “We go to great lengths to make sure we offer the best of everything for our Academy athletes—from their equipment and training plans down to the snow surface they train on, no detail is overlooked. One of the core goals of the Alpine Race Academy is to remove all barriers to success, and our partnership with Laurel Springs will provide our athletes with a top-tier education that mirrors our elite coaching and commitment to excellence both on and off the snow.”

For the Alpine Race Academy’s elite athletes, the self-paced Laurel Springs platform has no required seat time and allows them to work through lessons and assignments based on their training schedules. This model provides the tools necessary for students to learn independence, self-advocacy, and confidence in approaching both academic and personal pursuits. In the Laurel Springs virtual classroom, students are encouraged to take ownership of their learning, which is built on a framework of pedagogical expertise and academic support.

The partnership between the Laurel Springs School and Alpine Race Academy allows young athletes to get the best education and ski race training available and still live at home. This is extremely important for growth and development, and it is also important for safety, as traditional ski academies grapple with the reality of the COVID-19 crisis. Further, the overall cost of the program is a fraction of traditional ski academies.

In seeking a partnership, Loveland Ski Club selected Laurel Springs because of its proven results and extensive academic offerings. The school provides more than 170 college preparatory and 90 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) approved courses, with nearly 50 honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for Upper School students. In addition, the school teaches six world languages and dozens of fine arts and electives, giving students the ability to explore their interests across the spectrum of academic subjects. Laurel Springs places students in top colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world every year. This level of academic diversity and excellence is unavailable from other ski academies.

By combining this rigorous curriculum with the dedicated support systems and top-tier college counseling program provided by Laurel Springs, families are presented with a comprehensive, individualized academic experience that serves to increase student success in all areas of life, rather than mute their talents or passions with an inflexible model.

“Laurel Springs is proud to serve as an academic partner for the Loveland Ski Club and the Alpine Race Academy,” said Aaron Mitich, Director of Partnership Development at Laurel Springs. “Competing at an elite level can make it difficult for athletes to create balance in their lives, but Loveland Ski Club provides a solution to that problem. These students are given the resources they need to optimize athletic performance without sacrificing their commitment to academics or precious time with their families.”

Families interested in learning more about Laurel Springs are encouraged to visit the school’s website or contact the Admissions team at 800-377-5890. If you are interested in partnering with Laurel Springs, please call 877-775-0372 or visit

Release courtesy of Loveland Ski Club.


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