We return to our comprehensive conversation with unparalleled ski racing historian Tom Kelly on the entire history of American slalom, from Gretchen Fraser through the Mahre brothers, Kristina Koznick, Bode, and Mikaela (2:58). It’s a history-channel-classic, and it re-airs with new rapid-fire interviews with six Americans on the World Cup slalom squad this upcoming season (1:01:57): Ben Ritchie, Jett Seymour, Paula Moltzan, Luke Winters, Nina O’Brien, and Lila Lapanja, respectively. We top the whole slalom celebration off with two-time Olympian and World Cup podiumer Nolan Kasper (1:24:50). 

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  1. Hi Jimmy, I greatly enjoy your podcasts.
    A few weeks ago you were talking to one of the french world cup racers.
    There was a point in the podcast where you or the french racer were thinking about talking about the actual elements of technique that
    the World Cup racer works on in his own skiing and what he considers important to work on in his own skiing; but there was so much to talk about in the short podcast that there was no time left to get into the world cup racers head about what he considers technically important.
    The clearest water comes from the head of the stream ; so it would be of great interest to all readers and racers of all levels and ages to hear what every world cup racer considers important in their skiing.
    Thanks for your enthusiasm !
    David Demko

    • Hey David, thanks for listening!
      Great suggestion. In the future I’ll make sure it’s on my checklist when talking to World Cuppers. On today’s (May 28) episode, I talked with Ted quite a bit about his skiing and how he found–and continues to find–his best skiing.


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