The NorAm circuit headed to Panorama Sunday to finish the first speed series of the season and pick up four more tech races in a what will be a long two weeks of racing. Luckily, for Roni Remme, of the Canadian Ski Team and River Radamus of the U.S. Ski Team, one solid super-G run propelled them to two wins each.

Remme started the week by taking the lead in the first super-G event with a time of 1:23.19, giving her a 1.04 second lead ahead of second place finisher Adriana Jelinkova, of the Netherlands. Stefanie Fleckenstein finished in third place, 1.11 seconds back.


After being flagged off the course in the first 30 seconds of the run, Remme had to try to stay focused heading back up the lift to start again. She said she tried to look at the re-run in a positive light, noting that perhaps the lighting would improve and at least she had seen a portion of the course. In the end, Remme said it probably didn’t make much of a difference considering the lighting didn’t change and her top split was actually faster in her first attempt.

In the slalom portion of the alpine combined all Remme had to do was hang on to her 1.04 second lead and she managed to keep most of it. Remme came down with the third fastest time holding off Jelinkova and Fleckenstein.

Remme ended with a combined time 2:05.20. Jelinkova finished second, 0.85 seconds back and Fleckenstein finished third 0.91 seconds back.

Even though Remme now has four NorAm wins she said she still wants to take things day by day. Remme noted since it is early in the season, she hasn’t had the chance to work on everything she wants to so, she will focus on improving throughout the year.

“I am trying to take each day as a kind of learning opportunity. I haven’t started the season off on a high note in quite a few years so I am just trying to keep the ball rolling. Trying to learn something every day, trying to improve everyday,” Remme said.

“At this point in the season, we aren’t getting a lot of training and I feel there is a lot more that I wish I had accomplished leading up to the start of the season so, I am just trying to keep making those improvements as the races go on,” she added.

On Monday, the women suited up for one more super-G race before taking a break prior to the tech events. This time A.J. Hurt finished atop the podium, notching her second NorAm win of the season, with a time of 1:22.48, followed by Fleckenstein, 1.01 seconds back and Keely Cashman, 1.24 seconds back.

River Radamus racing in the Birds of Prey GS. // Image Credit: GEPA

Immediately following the finish of the women’s events, the men began their week. Jeff Read, of the Canadian Ski Team, took the first win of the day in the initial super-G. Finishing with a time of 1:19.40. Sam Mulligan followed in second place, 0.14 seconds back and River Radamus finished third, 0.42 seconds back.

Read said that he and his teammates picked bibs strategically, picking bibs 16-21 consecutively. Read explained that after racer 15, there was a course slip and they also figured, because the race had to start so early, that the light would only improve. Read ran 19th.

“Today was definitely challenging starting that early in the morning. Luckily, our coach thought ahead in that situation and figured out that right around when the race would be starting is pretty much when sunrise was so we picked a bit later bibs,” Read said.

Although the men were unable to finish the slalom portion of the alpine combined, Radamus was able to walk away from Monday with a win in the second super-G, with a time of 1:19.20. George Steffey finished in second place, 0.43 seconds back and Sam More rounded out the all American podium, 0.50 seconds back.

Radamus was able to use his lead, like Remme, to hang onto the alpine combined win. Radamus placed sixth in the slalom run, but came away with the win. Morse however, was able to edge Steffey out of second place. Morse finished, 0.44 seconds back taking silver while Steffey finished 0.52 seconds back, in third.

Complete results are available here.