Mikaela Shiffrin’s story is remarkable. It’s a story that has always been much more than her own. At the core of Shiffrin’s career lies the stable foundation of love and family, a foundation that has allowed the young prodigy to grow and prosper into the champion she is today.

The role her family has played in her growth and continued success is immeasurable. In the wake of Jeff’s unexpected passing on Feb. 3, the ski racing community has come together to show its unwavering support for the family.

A number of Shiffrin’s teammates, competitors, and supporters have taken to social media to show their love and support in the days following the tragic loss of Jeff Shiffrin. In a conversation with the Austrian publication, Klein Zetiung, Nicole Schmidhofer said “These are moments when you are brought back down to earth. That it is only skiing and there are many other things that are much more important.” Her teammate, Tamara Tippler added, “I think that Mikaela will also master this well. And when she feels ready again, she won’t give up skiing. There are many positive things about skiing such as strength when you are back in the skiing family.”

Multiple reporters, such as Matthew Futterman with the NYTimes and Tim Layden from NBC and the Olympic Channel have written touching pieces to celebrate Jeff’s life and legacy. Ski Racing’s own Dan Leever took to the Fall Line column to express his sentiments about learning from a man who taught his daughter and the community to “be nice, think first, and have fun.”

Below, is a short compilation of the most touching tributes we have seen to date, to celebrate the life and legacy of the beloved Jeff Shiffrin.

On Saturday, NBC Sports Network will run a tribute to Jeff Shiffrin, written and narrated by Tim Layden.

The women competing in the NorAm races being held in Georgian Peaks, Canada, gathered to take a run in honor of Jeff, and show their love to their competitor and teammate, Mikaela.

The United States Ski and Snowboard Team compile a series of emotional photos and clips from moments throughout Mikalea’s ski racing career, and Jeff’s time on the hill as a photographer and supportive father.

Canada’s Erin Mielzynski shares a heartfelt tribute to her friend. “Often we can’t make sense of the world, often it is beautiful and striking yet unfair and cruel,” wrote Mielzynski in an Instagram post on Friday. “So let’s make sure Jeff’s fire burns on in all of us. And let’s show the world the lessons he taught us.”