SOELDEN,AUSTRIA,21.OCT.16 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup season opening, Rettenbachferner, preview, FIS Forum Alpinum. Image shows fis rules 2016. Photo: GEPA pictures/ Andreas Pranter

Ah rules. The backbone of sports, and the bible for referees. Love or hate them, sports would fail to function and ensure reputable results in their absence. Ski racing is no different from any other sport, as there are superfluous rules concerning the regimens of competition, equipment types and standards, and the expectations of competition day. 

Because the governing bodies in ski racing have taken extensive time to lay out their rules of competition, we have directed you to the links below for any rule you may (or may not) want to know about ski racing.


USSA Competition Guide

FIS Competition Guide

FIS Continental Cup Rules

NCAA Skiing Handbook

EISA (Eastern Region College Racing) Handbook

RMISA (Rocky Mountain Region College Racing) Handbook

USCSA College Skiing Handbook

Masters Ski Racing Handbooks: USSA & FIS

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