The summer is practically over, and another ski season is about to kick off. It’s been a busy few months for Ski Racing Media’s staff as we prepare for the upcoming winter in an Olympic season. We ask for you to join us in making this our best season ever as we bring you the latest news on the world’s best sport.

Ski Racing is entering its 50th year of operation, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate our legacy with you. We treasure this operation and the opportunity it affords us to share our passion, chronicle our sport, and also maintain an invaluable community resource.

In my seven years at Ski Racing, the business has undergone numerous revisions and developments. We’ve transformed from a longtime print publication to a digital magazine and then to the website with strong social media components and a mobile application that you have come to cherish. The way we distribute our content has evolved over the years, but the most important element of our business has not. We remain committed to the production of quality journalism. I’m most excited about our latest venture into the next frontier of digital publishing, as we continue to expand our offerings under our recent rebranding as Ski Racing Media.


Our Legacy
Our staff has spent this summer scouring 50 years of our print and digital magazine archives, and I have to admit that I, too, miss the days of being able to page through the publication after it landed in my mailbox. But the stark reality is that the cost and time inherent in the production of a published magazine would vastly limit the subjects we could cover. Ski Racing Magazine used to arrive in the mail before we all had access to the myriad of digital informational channels. Immediacy and efficiency in delivering content to our readers and fans is paramount, and it’s become exponentially more critical in the digital age. We have opted to focus our efforts on our website, mobile application, and social media channels for content distribution to remain as current and relevant as possible.

You may have noticed our new paywall and pricing structure which launched earlier this month for our Premium content. This initiative is part of a larger business restructuring we have undertaken this summer to deliver more feature content and tell stories from around the globe while staying close to our roots with domestic coverage here at home. We will offer a variety of articles that deliver news as well as more developed, in-depth explorations on critical topics.

We learned a great deal about our readers needs in our latest survey, and we continue to strive to deliver what the community wants. If you participated in our annual reader survey which was distributed via email and on our social media channels, we thank you for your feedback. Ski Racing is a resource for the entire community, and we appreciate your engagement with our content as well as our staff. We’re here for you, and we hope you’ll comment on articles and social media or reach out to us.

Your Support For Continued Quality Coverage
We hope those USSA members who previously enjoyed a complimentary subscription courtesy of U.S. Ski & Snowboard will continue to support this valuable community resource. We remain a media partner with the governing body and look forward to continuing to produce targeted content for its membership.

All of us at Ski Racing Media are enthusiastic about the upcoming season. We hope you will join us on this journey and help sustain this vital community resource by purchasing a $2.99/month subscription right now. For this modest investment, you will help us bring the latest news from the world’s greatest sport to you each and every day.