Combined ACL + Anterolateral ligament

In the fourth episode, Steve Porino sits down with Dr. Sonnery-Cottet, French team doctor out of Centre orthopédique Santy, to discuss a new ACL surgery that Veronika Velez Zuzulova has tried in an effort to return for the Olympic Winter Games. Dr. Sonnery-Cottet details the operation he performed and discusses its potential. Porino and Scott Lyons talk knees and the impact knee injuries have, then they take a look at the U.S. Ski Team Olympic selections and prospects with the Olympic Games around the corner. As usual, they look at the recent spate of races and look forward to next week of racing as the athletes navigate the through the heart of the season with the Games on the horizon. 



Dr. Sonnery-Cottet’s ACL Repair Video (WARNING: Graphic content)
FULL TEXT:Minimally Invasive Anterolateral Ligament Reconstruction in the Setting of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury

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Steve: Hates the sport baseball. Grew up learning to ski on the bump outside of Chicago called Wilmont. Despite being saddled with the technique that can only be termed the “Wilmont wiggle," he attended Burke Mountain Academy and then was a member of the U.S. Ski Team. He has spent the last 20 years pontificating about the sport of skiing either for Ski Racing Media or NBC Sports. His knowledge is encyclopedic (or is that wikopedic?) He resides in Sun Valley and talks skiing every week during the winter. Scott: Even though he has lived almost half his life in Denver, Colo., he is still an insane Boston Red Sox fan. He skied at Burke Mountain Academy, the U.S. Ski Team and Dartmouth College. He still believes his ski racing comeback is imminent. Most recently, he has been the alpine ski racing researcher for NBC Sports, and he spends a good chunk of his time arguing about the sport.