Steve Porino speaks with Lars Kristoffersen about his son, Norwegian tech ace Henrik Kristoffersen. With 14 slalom wins, Kristoffersen is the most decorated slalom skier in Norway, the youngest person to ever win Schladming and the youngest Norwegian to ever win a World Cup race. The Attacking Viking team is one of the highest functioning groups on the World Cup. Norway is a country that doesn’t have a lot of FIS skiers, yet they consistently turn out dominant, all-around skiers and have remarkable depth. Kristoffersen has been working outside of that system however, which has created tension of late between him and the federation. Porino discusses this disconnect, Kristoffersen’s upbringing and his father’s involvement, as well as the recent frustration in being unable to knock Marcel Hirscher off the top step of the podium.


Tips and Tales: Episode 1 feat. John Fry and Marc Girardelli
Tips and Tales: Episode 2 feat. Julia Mancuso

The Inside Line: Episode 8
The Inside Line: Episode 7 feat. Lara Gut
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Steve: Hates the sport baseball. Grew up learning to ski on the bump outside of Chicago called Wilmont. Despite being saddled with the technique that can only be termed the “Wilmont wiggle," he attended Burke Mountain Academy and then was a member of the U.S. Ski Team. He has spent the last 20 years pontificating about the sport of skiing either for Ski Racing Media or NBC Sports. His knowledge is encyclopedic (or is that wikopedic?) He resides in Sun Valley and talks skiing every week during the winter. Scott: Even though he has lived almost half his life in Denver, Colo., he is still an insane Boston Red Sox fan. He skied at Burke Mountain Academy, the U.S. Ski Team and Dartmouth College. He still believes his ski racing comeback is imminent. Most recently, he has been the alpine ski racing researcher for NBC Sports, and he spends a good chunk of his time arguing about the sport.