“Life In Between Gates” is a reality show featuring a variety of athletes competing on the World Pro Ski Tour, including two-time Olympic gold medalist, Ted Ligety, U.S. Ski Team alumni, and NCAA athletes. Each episode of the series features a different stop on the 2020 Tour, as the WPST reestablishes itself as one of the most exciting ski racing events in North America.

The second episode of the series follows the Pro Tour athletes as they prepare to take on Ted Ligety in his first-ever WPST dual race in the 2020 season. In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a 10,000 purse is at stake, as well as valuable Pro Tour points on the road to Nationals in Taos Valley, New Mexico.

“I mean his nickname is Mr.GS for a reason,” said U.S. Ski Team alumni, Michael Ankeny. “He’s got so much flow, so much strength, and if you watch his skis, he’s just so clean. But so many things that make him great at GS might not make him the best in panel slalom. So it’ll be interesting to see how far he makes it through. Hopefully, I’ll be one of the ones who takes him out tonight.”

The episode, which runs like a traditional TV show, walks fans through the pre-race jitters to the actual race itself. Follow along to see just exactly what it takes to come out on top in the head-to-head dual format event.