LAKE LOUISE,CANADA,05.DEC.15 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS World Cup, downhill, ladies. Image shows Lindsey Vonn (USA). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Mario Kneisl

LAKE LOUISE, Alberta – Lindsey Vonn showed her Canadian fans that a double-double isn’t just a coffee order at Tim Hortons, it’s also the best way to collect World Cup downhill victories at Lake Louise. She skied to her second win in as many days down the Men’s Olympic slope, leading some to question if she’s kicking off another streak to rival her one from 2010-2012 when she claimed seven consecutive races at the Alberta resort.

“I still don’t think I’m quite to the form that I was in 2012, the season that I won the four titles. I was so confident in all disciplines,” reflected Vonn. “I feel like I’m pretty confident right now but I think I could still be better, but I’m still happy with where I am.”


If Vonn gets more confident, she may leave her nearest competitors even further behind. After a mishap the day before still led to a 0.58-second margin of victory, Vonn planned to ski a less risky line and wound up over a second ahead of Switzerland’s Fabienne Suter, the runner-up on the day.

“Today I tried to limit my risk but at the same time my skis were so fast and the light was really flat and also it was a little more bumpy today, that I was kind of hanging on for dear life,” admitted Vonn. “I felt like I was trying to be aggressive and trying to still ski solidly but nothing was kind of going my way. I have to look at video and see how it actually was compared to what it felt like. I think Heinz (Hämmerle) is doing an amazing job. My skis were really fast today.”

Austria’s Ramona Siebenhofer was also running fast skis and entered the homestretch of Easy Street with an early lead on the day, but she launched the final jump in view of the finish line off balance and crashed through the turning gate below. Luckily, she rose to her feet and was able to ski down unassisted, but her promising race run was over. The first skier of the day, Johanna Schnarf, crashed off the very same jump.

“I wasn’t getting any reports about that, but I definitely was shocked by it when I went off of it and I was kind of in the backseat a little bit, landed on my tails, and was slightly worried for a second there that I was going to go out right before the finish – which I have done before. So I’m thankful that I was on the right side of the gate and made it to the finish,” reasoned Vonn.

Second-place finisher Suter weighed retirement after failing to reach the podium in the 2014-15 season. The Swiss skier had been ranked in the top seven in both super G and downhill in 2010 and in super G from 2008-2010 and 2012-2013.

“It took a long time to come back onto the podium,” Suter said. “I am just so happy right now, enjoying every moment.”

Word of the flat light on course and challenging lower jump reached some athletes at the start via radio communication, but they also heard there was opportunity on the track for those who pushed.

“It wasn’t really easy today,” Suter commented on her run. “I saw at the start that the light was getting bad, but I heard that some girls before me had good results. So I knew everything could be possible and tried to attack. That was my goal, and I think I didn’t make out to0 badly.”

For the second time in as many days, Conny Huetter joined Vonn on the podium, this time taking third. The Austrian who is already having the speed season of her career after only two races wasn’t even a skier until the age of 10.

“From (age) five to ten, I only snowboarded. So that was a little bit different from the other ski racers. And then at 10, I thought that it would be a good job to earn my money with this – to have fun and be outside in nature. So then I trained a lot. At first I was slower than the others because I did not have as much training, and then I got better and better. And now I’m here!” Huetter exclaimed with a smile.

A rare three-way tie for eighth place between Lara Gut, Viktoria Rebensburg, and Nicole Schmidhofer  bumped American Stacey Cook into 11th. Jackie Wiles proved her recent head sponsorship from the Lindsey Vonn Foundation was no fluke by producing her best result since Jan. 2014, finishing 17th. Alice McKennis was 20th and Laurenne Ross finished 21st. Young gun Breezy Johnson just missed the points in 32nd.

The ladies’ speed week at Lake Louise concludes on Sunday with a super G race scheduled for 11:00 a.m. MST.

The Scoop
By Hank McKee

1 Vonn, Head/Head/Head
2 Suter F., Dynastar/Lange/Dynastar
3 Huetter, Volkl/Tecnica/Marker
4 Fanchini, Dynastar/Lange/Dynastar
5 Kling, Head/Head/Head
6 Suter C., Head/Head/Head
7 Yurkiw, Rossignol/Rossignol/Rossignol
8 Rebensburg, Stockli/Lange/Atomic
8 Gut, Head/Head/Head
8 Schmidhofer, Fischer/Fischer/Fischer

  • Women’s World Cup downhill, Lake Louise, Canada, Dec. 5, 2015. … It is the sixth of 41 races on the women’s World Cup schedule … the second of nine scheduled downhills and the second in two days at Lake Louise, as scheduled. … It is the 104th World Cup race at Lake Louise which has been hosting since 1980. … It is the 63rd downhill at the site and the fourth this season.
  • It is the 69th career World Cup win for Lindsey Vonn … her 35th in downhill and her 17th win at Lake Louise and 14th in downhill. … It is the fourth time she has swept both downhills at Lake Louise having accomplished it in 2009 – 2011 – 2012 and this season. … It is the 292nd U.S. win and fifth of the season. … Winning margin is 1.05 seconds. … Top 11 are within two seconds.
  • It is the 16th career World Cup podium placing for Fabienne Suter. … She was also second in Lake Louise in super G on Dec. 7, 2008.
  • It is the third career World Cup podium for Cornelia Huetter and her second in two days.
  • It is the fifth best career result for Larisa Yurkiw, matching her second best at Lake Louise.  … It is the 23rd best career result for Stacey Cook and the 10th best at Lake Louise. … It is the second best career result for Jackie Wiles following a 15th in downhill at Cortina Jan. 24, 2014. … It is the 21st top-20 finish for Alice McKennis. … It is the 11th score at Lake Louise for Laurenne Ross.
  • Mikaela Shiffrin (did not race) leads the World Cup overall standings 280-222 over Lara Gut (eighth in race). … Vonn jumps to third overall with 200.
  • Austria leads the women’s Nations Cup 657-645 over the U.S. … Italy is third with 631pts. … Canada is seventh with 219pts.

Official Results

 1 16 537544VONN Lindsey1984USA 1:50.43 0.00
 2 20 515766SUTER Fabienne1985SUI 1:51.48 +1.05 11.89
 3 13 56128HUETTER Cornelia1992AUT 1:51.59 +1.16 13.13
 4 15 296729FANCHINI Nadia1986ITA 1:51.83 +1.40 15.85
 5 14 505886KLING Kajsa1988SWE 1:51.90 +1.47 16.64
 6 2 516319SUTER Corinne1994SUI 1:52.05 +1.62 18.34
 7 11 106849YURKIW Larisa1988CAN 1:52.21 +1.78 20.15
 8 19 205218REBENSBURG Viktoria1989GER 1:52.28 +1.85 20.94
 8 18 516138GUT Lara1991SUI 1:52.28 +1.85 20.94
 8 8 55970SCHMIDHOFER Nicole1989AUT 1:52.28 +1.85 20.94
 11 9 537582COOK Stacey1984USA 1:52.31 +1.88 21.28
 12 7 297910CURTONI Elena1991ITA 1:52.45 +2.02 22.87
 13 17 355050WEIRATHER Tina1989LIE 1:52.50 +2.07 23.43
 14 26 56125PUCHNER Mirjam1992AUT 1:52.63 +2.20 24.90
 15 22 296472FANCHINI Elena1985ITA 1:52.64 +2.21 25.02
 16 27 56088TIPPLER Tamara1991AUT 1:52.66 +2.23 25.24
 17 28 539536WILES Jacqueline1992USA 1:52.67 +2.24 25.36
 18 30 425880SEJERSTED Lotte Smiseth1991NOR 1:52.78 +2.35 26.60
 19 3 296431STUFFER Verena1984ITA 1:52.88 +2.45 27.73
 20 24 538685MCKENNIS Alice1989USA 1:52.92 +2.49 28.19
 21 12 538573ROSS Laurenne1988USA 1:53.03 +2.60 29.43
 22 10 245066MIKLOS Edit1988HUN 1:53.13 +2.70 30.56
 23 29 565360STUHEC Ilka1990SLO 1:53.19 +2.76 31.24
 24 31 516185HAEHLEN Joana1992SUI 1:53.34 +2.91 32.94
 25 6 196968BAILET Margot1990FRA 1:53.50 +3.07 34.75
 26 5 56177VENIER Stephanie1993AUT 1:53.77 +3.34 37.81
 27 21 55576GOERGL Elisabeth1981AUT 1:53.82 +3.39 38.37
 28 33 297702MARSAGLIA Francesca1990ITA 1:54.19 +3.76 42.56
 29 34 375018COLETTI Alexandra1983MON 1:54.32 +3.89 44.03
 30 49 206520DORSCH Patrizia1994GER 1:54.45 +4.02 45.50
 31 25 55913MOSER Stefanie1988AUT 1:54.56 +4.13 46.75
 32 41 6535455JOHNSON Breezy1996USA 1:54.58 +4.15 46.98
 33 23 197295PIOT Jennifer1992FRA 1:54.61 +4.18 47.32
 34 42 155563KRIZOVA Klara1989CZE 1:54.74 +4.31 48.79
 35 38 197665LARROUY Noemie1995FRA 1:55.38 +4.95 56.03
 36 43 516219NUFER Priska1992SUI 1:55.43 +5.00 56.60
 37 45 565333BRODNIK Vanja1989SLO 1:55.44 +5.01 56.71
 38 39 56200NICOLUSSI Kerstin1994AUT 1:55.45 +5.02 56.82
 39 50 506584RAPAPORT Helena1994SWE 1:55.46 +5.03 56.94
 40 46 197641GAUCHE Laura1995FRA 1:55.98 +5.55 62.82
 41 35 197497MIRADOLI Romane1994FRA 1:56.17 +5.74 64.97
 42 48 539457MARNO Anna1992USA 1:56.34 +5.91 66.90
 43 47 107613GRENIER Valerie1996CAN 1:56.40 +5.97 67.58
 44 52 56224MAIER Sabrina1994AUT 1:56.52 +6.09 68.94
 45 53 465098CAILL Ania Monica1995ROU 1:58.88 +8.45 95.65
 46 51 115115BARAHONA Noelle1990CHI 1:59.41 +8.98 101.65
Did not finish 1st run
 44 206548MAGG Ann Katrin1994GER
 40 197615BESSY Anouk1995FRA
 37 515997FEIERABEND Denise1989SUI
 36 516145KUENG Mirena1988SUI
 32 56311REISINGER Elisabeth1996AUT
 4 56087SIEBENHOFER Ramona1991AUT
 1 296427SCHNARF Johanna1984ITA