Winter sports hub Norway can no longer host World Cup skiing events this season because of stricter pandemic-related rules imposed Thursday by the national government.

As a result, the Norwegian Ski Association will be unable to host any further competitions through the end of current World Cup season due to the stricter travel and event-related restrictions. This includes the men’s World Cup races in Kvitfjell previously scheduled for March 4-7.

FIS will announce if there are any replacement venues and dates as they are confirmed.


  1. Screw it. They ought to give all the WC skiers GoPros and let em free ski the rest of the year. One with most likes gets the prize money.

  2. Disappointing, but disappointment is far down on the list of our worries in the context of the pandemic. As much as I love ski racing and following the World Cup, public health is of much greater importance, even in the few instances of over-correcting, which I do not believe this is……….;


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