KITZBÜHEL, Austria – In a race marred by crashes, American Ryan Cochran-Siegle was perhaps one of the lucky ones, escaping serious injury after a frightening crash on the fallaway below Hausberg.

Cochran-Siegle lost balance when he leaned back while landing a jump near the end of his run, slid off course and cut his way through the first row of safety nets.

The American sat up right away, took his helmet off and touched his shoulder, but seemed unhurt otherwise. He was also transported off the hill by helicopter.

The U.S. ski team said the use of the helicopter was “standard protocol” and that Cochran-Siegle was “up and walking around and he is OK.”

The ski team later updated its statement, saying: “Ryan Cochran-Siegle crashed in Friday’s downhill, sustaining a minor cervical spine (neck) fracture. He is otherwise OK, thankfully. He is in good spirits, and is at the team hotel, but will sit the remainder of the weekend out. His return to competition is TBD.”

Cochran-Siegle, who won his first World Cup race in Italy in December and posted the fastest time in training on the Streif on Wednesday, led Feuz by up to 0.15 seconds at the first three splits but was eight-tenths off the lead just before the crash.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


  1. As most of you know that was not “leaning back.” In my opinion that was an example of the reason he was skiing fast is the same thing that caused him to fall. He was engaging his edge early and aggressively with maximum purchase which caused the ski to hook up as he applied pressure upon regaining snow surface on the sidehill. I am glad he suffered minimal injury and I look forward to his return to action.

    • Some pretty brilliant one ski skiing you have to admit. Could have been a lot worse if he hadn’t pulled off that ballet move. Instead he managed to get the other ski back on the ground and engaged and bleed off some speed before hitting the net. Sucks about his neck but sounds like he’ll be fine once it heals up, thank goodness.

    • You’re right, not back at all, landed in good position, and something caused his downhill ski to hook uphill and shoot out from under him. Snow snake.

  2. The course had softened significantly by the time Ryan skied. The turn where he crashed was badly rutted. Ryan`s ski hit a big hole at the apex of the turn, and began these big vibrations, which is why he lost is balance and crashed. It is amazing that his splits where green for most of the race, considering the course was softer and slower by the time of his Bib 13 start. Otherwise, Ryan could have won the race, if he had Bib 5, like Feuz. Great skiing Ryan! No doubt that he is one of the fastest DHers on the WC. Get well soon.

    • As i saw it anyway. Before the crash, Ryan`s downhill ski hit that hole in the soft snow at the apex turn, and started bouncing. So, he shifted his weight to the inside ski to maintain his carve and his speed, just as he went off the small jump below the gate. I think he landed, slightly off balance on that inside ski, in the back seat. Downhill skis are big and stiff, if the racer is not balanced and weighting the downhill ski, they will bite. Takes cajones to charge the Streif, and ride a DH ski at full speed thru tricky snow


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