Since medical staff cleared downhill-standings leader Sofia Goggia for free-skiing activities last week, Rumors had been circulating that the Italian, who was injured in a fluke accident just before worlds, might take a crack at World Cup Finals in Lenzerheide.

The possibility now confirmed by the Italian winter sports association: “Sofia Goggia will also be present at the start of the only official training scheduled for Tuesday 16 March in Lenzerheide … in anticipation of of the women’s descent that she will assign on Wednesday 17 March,” the federation said through rough translation.

Essentially, Goggia is planning to participate in the training run on Tuesday; she’s planning to see how she feels and will likely make the start in Wednesday’s downhill. Monday’s downhill training was canceled due to heavy snowfall.

At the end of January, Goggia suffered “a compound fracture of the lateral tibial plateau of the right knee” during a fall on a recreational ski trail in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, according to the Italian federation. After missing worlds, she got the green light from her team’s medical department and has since been training in Livigno, which has felt good.

“I was in no pain,” said Goggia in a communication from the federation. She will continue to training and make a final assessment as the event draws closer.

With four downhill wins this season, Goggia leads Switzerland’s Corinne Suter, 480-410, in the season-long downhill standings, a margin of 70 points. With as many as 100 points on the line in the final event, even a modest result from the Italian could help seal the title.


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