FIS race director Markus Waldner has received death threats as a result of the highly criticized set for the parallel GS earlier in the week. In a media release, the organizers of world championships at Cortina expressed their solidarity with Waldner, who received death threats by email. 

“All the staff of Fondazione Cortina 2021 express their support and solidarity for Markus Waldner, FIS Chief Race Director for the men’s World Cup and World Championship races, who received death threats via e-mail after the controversy over the execution of the parallel giant in Cortina which fell under its jurisdiction,” the statement reads.

Waldner was responsible for staging the parallel race last Tuesday and was criticized for the unequal conditions on the two tracks. 

“For an event like ours, based on the values of sport and fair play, it is unacceptable that an esteemed professional like Markus receives such grave messages, which go beyond normal debate and confrontation,” the statement went on to say.

According to Italian media, Waldner himself also spoke out, saying, “This is a death threat and it is serious business. I handed the matter over to my lawyers so that it can be traced back who the author is. … Alpine skiing is a clean sport. If the email writer has the courage to come here, I’ll explain a few things to him.”



  1. In my humble opinion the whole parallel ski racing idea is flawed. It is obviously impossible the match the red and blue perfectly. And in the process the parallel courses become much less interesting. As a devoted fan of alpine ski racing I would be happy to see the effort spent on the traditional race formats, not wasted trying to hype up the sport for short attention span television viewers.

  2. Racers had to go down both courses. Racers seemed okay with comments postrace. Parallel races are a good change. Dual moguls is one better. Rapid fire contests. Cool.


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