ST. MORITZ, Switzerland — Overcast skies couldn’t put a damper on our neighbors to the North as Canada turned in two amazing performances from veterans Erik Guay and Manuel Osborne-Paradis. The duo took first and third, respectively, in the 2017 World Championship super-G in St. Moritz, Switzerland on Wednesday. Guay’s winning time of 1:25.38 bested Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud by 0.45 seconds and was 0.51 seconds better than Osborne-Paradis.

High cloud cover cast the mountain in dark shadows all day, and it was apparent during inspection that the fast set and blind terrain combined with the flat light would require a delicate combination of skill and bravery in order to walk away with a medal. Jansrud looked to have laid down the gauntlet with bib nine, but Guay managed to build his lead at each interval before nailing a tricky low-speed left-foot, right-foot, left-foot combination entering the final turns to seal the win with bib 14. Inspired by his teammate’s performance, Osborne-Paradis charged from bib 26 to take third.


Wednesday’s result gave Canada its first multiple podium finish since 1982 when Gerry Sorensen finished first and Laurie Graham third in the women’s downhill in Grindelwald, Switzerland.

After walking away from a terrifying crash two weeks ago in Garmisch, Germany, Guay was happy to just be healthy and competing in St. Moritz. Wednesday’s win is Guay’s second career World Championship title, as the Canadian Cowboy also won the 2011 downhill gold in Garmisch, Germany. Guay is also now the oldest World Champion ever at 35 years old.

“Before I saw the green light, I crossed the line and I saw the crowd react,” Guay said. “I saw everybody stand up and cheer, so I knew that something good just happened. When I sort of turned sideways and saw the green light by 45-hundredths in front of Jansrud it was incredible ‘cause he’s such an incredible skier and dominating super-G, so I was quite emotional actually. I’m glad I had goggles on so nobody could see my eyes.”

Although Jansrud has been the man to beat this season in super-G, the Attacking Viking was pleased to walk away with a silver medal, especially since he has been battling a bit of sickness since the beginning of the week.

SANKT MORITZ,SWITZERLAND,08.FEB.17 - ALPINE SKIING - FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, Super G, men. Image shows Kjetil Jansrud (NOR), Erik Guay (CAN) and Manuel Osborne-Paradis (CAN). Photo: GEPA pictures/ Andreas Pranter
Photo: GEPA pictures/ Andreas Pranter

“I always want to aim for the gold, but I think Erik today showed us how it’s supposed to be done, and it’s very impressive,” a gracious Jansrud said. “I’m not feeling any disappointment over that. I’m very happy with the silver. Been struggling a little bit with the preparation coming into the World Champs with a little sickness and you know, for me, it’s a perfect day and I’m looking forward for downhill.”

Osborne-Paradis admitted that his performance might not have been possible if not for the emotional boost he got from watching his teammate go into the lead. The cherry on top, however, was this result came on his 33rd birthday and was his first super-G podium since winning in Lake Louise in 2009.

“I figured with a later number that I would have to have a good one,” he explained. “I was skiing really well. Skiing my line. Had one little mistake in the middle, and mistakes happen when you’re givin’ ‘er, so whatever. What can you do? It just all worked out. It feels so good. I mean I feel bad that we’re doing interviews and I haven’t seen my serviceman, I haven’t seen my coaches. I think it’s my serviceman’s first podium ever, World Cup or World Champs or anything, so I’m super excited for him. It’s just so good to share it with Erik. For him to be the winner, I mean, I think I was able to get third today because he won. I was so jazzed in the start. I had so much more energy. It was pretty cool.”

It was a frustrating start for the Americans as Travis Ganong led the pack with a 14th-place finish followed by Ryan Cochran-Siegle in 28th. Andrew Weibrecht missed a gate and Tommy Biesemeyer looked to be on pace for a possible top-five finish before ending up on his hip, dislocating his shoulder in the process.

“It was a really tricky super-G just because it was so straight, no rhythm at all,” Ganong said of his race. “We knew the speeds were going to be fast, but not that fast. The jumps were bigger than in the downhill which made it really difficult, especially for me going early. I was expecting to land off the jumps and have time to roll into the next turn and it was more like switching in the air and landing on edge. When you go early, you don’t really know that yet. I was happy with my skiing for the most part, I just missed the timing.”

Olivier Jenot of Monaco suffered a violent crash off of one of the jumps after getting twisted in the air and landing hard on his back. The Monacan was airlifted off of the hill and his condition is currently unknown. We will update this story once we have more details on the extent of his injuries.

The men now have downhill training on Thursday before the downhill race on Saturday, Feb. 11.

View photo gallery from today’s race here. 

Top 10

  1. Erik Guay (CAN) – Head/Head/Head
  2. Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) – Head/Head/Head
  3. Manuel Osborne-Paradis (CAN) – Head/Head/Head
  4. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde (NOR) – Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
  5. Vincent Kreichmayr (AUT) – Fischer/Fischer/Fischer
  6. Alexis Pinturault (FRA) – Head/Head/Head
  7. Andreas Sander (GER) – Atomic/Atomic/Atomic
  8. Carlo Janka (SUI) – Rossignol/Rossignol/Look
  9. Dominik Pairs (ITA) – Nordica/Nordica/Marker
  10. Hannes Reichelt (AUT) – Salomon/Salomon/Salomon

Official Results

RankBibFIS CodeNameYearNationTotal TimeDiff.
 1 14 102263GUAY Erik1981CAN 1:25.38
 2 9 421483JANSRUD Kjetil1985NOR 1:25.83 +0.45
 3 26 102899OSBORNE-PARADIS Manuel1984CAN 1:25.89 +0.51
 4 13 422139KILDE Aleksander Aamodt1992NOR 1:25.92 +0.54
 5 1 53980KRIECHMAYR Vincent1991AUT 1:26.26 +0.88
 6 8 194364PINTURAULT Alexis1991FRA 1:26.28 +0.90
 7 6 200379SANDER Andreas1989GER 1:26.35 +0.97
 8 19 511313JANKA Carlo1986SUI 1:26.37 +0.99
 9 7 291459PARIS Dominik1989ITA 1:26.40 +1.02
 10 17 50742REICHELT Hannes1980AUT 1:26.47 +1.09
 11 3 292455FILL Peter1982ITA 1:26.49 +1.11
 12 5 511383FEUZ Beat1987SUI 1:26.51 +1.13
 13 11 53817FRANZ Max1989AUT 1:26.75 +1.37
 14 28 194298GIEZENDANNER Blaise1991FRA 1:26.96 +1.58
 14 4 530874GANONG Travis1988USA 1:26.96 +1.58
 16 2 192746THEAUX Adrien1984FRA 1:26.99 +1.61
 17 34 561255CATER Martin1992SLO 1:27.19 +1.81
 18 25 194190ROGER Brice1990FRA 1:27.22 +1.84
 19 23 990081CASSE Mattia1990ITA 1:27.29 +1.91
 20 24 511513CAVIEZEL Mauro1988SUI 1:27.30 +1.92
 21 20 53831HIRSCHER Marcel1989AUT 1:27.43 +2.05
 22 22 511139KUENG Patrick1984SUI 1:27.44 +2.06
 23 31 6290985BUZZI Emanuele1994ITA 1:27.54 +2.16
 24 38 561310HROBAT Miha1995SLO 1:27.76 +2.38
 25 33 422073NETELAND Bjoernar1991NOR 1:28.18 +2.80
 26 16 202059FERSTL Josef1988GER 1:28.22 +2.84
 27 45 170131FAARUP Christoffer1992DEN 1:28.24 +2.86
 28 43 6530319COCHRAN-SIEGLE Ryan1992USA 1:28.76 +3.38
 29 46 110324VON APPEN Henrik1994CHI 1:28.87 +3.49
 30 36 502004KOELL Alexander1990SWE 1:28.94 +3.56
 31 53 380335ZUBCIC Filip1993CRO 1:29.05 +3.67
 32 21 102271HUDEC Jan1981CZE 1:29.31 +3.93
 33 37 20324OLIVERAS Marc1991AND 1:29.35 +3.97
 34 39 410364FEASEY Willis1992NZL 1:29.60 +4.22
 35 41 481327TRIKHICHEV Pavel1992RUS 1:29.78 +4.40
 36 55 350095PFIFFNER Marco1994LIE 1:29.81 +4.43
 37 52 430429BYDLINSKI Maciej1988POL 1:29.83 +4.45
 38 54 430472KLUSAK Michal1990POL 1:30.19 +4.81
 39 49 150743BERNDT Ondrej1988CZE 1:30.40 +5.02
 40 58 151238ZABYSTRAN Jan1998CZE 1:30.64 +5.26
 41 44 410365BARWOOD Adam1992NZL 1:32.82 +7.44
 42 60 670037ZAKURDAEV Igor1987KAZ 1:34.68 +9.30
Did not finish 1st run
 59 110383VON APPEN Sven1997CHI
 57 700879ZAMPA Andreas1993SVK
 56 40577LAIDLAW Harry1996AUS
 51 380341ULLRICH Max1994CRO
 50 700830ZAMPA Adam1990SVK
 48 150644KRYZL Krystof1986CZE
 47 370022JENOT Olivier1988MON
 42 310426VUKICEVIC Marko1992SRB
 40 481730KUZNETSOV Ivan1996RUS
 35 501987MONSEN Felix1994SWE
 32 20398VERDU Joan1995AND
 30 561217KOSI Klemen1991SLO
 29 202535DRESSEN Thomas1993GER
 27 531452BIESEMEYER Thomas1989USA
 18 530939WEIBRECHT Andrew1986USA
 15 53902MAYER Matthias1990AUT
 12 100558COOK Dustin1989CAN
 10 561216KLINE Bostjan1991SLO